Endless opportunities with spatial computing

We are committed to the idea of spatial computing and we believe that Apple Vision Pro is the best solution for the enterprise.

We are committed to the idea of spatial computing and we believe that Apple Vision Pro is the best solution for the enterprise.


“Our interaction with computers has always been limited by the need for screens, mice, and keyboards. But with Apple VisionPro, these barriers have been broken down, opening the door to a wealth of new opportunities.”

Preben Thorø

CTO Trifork

Spatial design transforms the enterprise: Collaborative, immersive, and data-driven solutions for the future

The Apple Vision Pro enables enhanced collaboration and visualization for spatial design teams, offering immersive training and simulation opportunities, seamless productivity tools integration, and innovative approaches to data visualization and analysis, revolutionizing enterprise workflows in architecture, construction, and beyond.

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Our Approach to Spatial Computing

We are technology freaks down to the bone. But it is not just tech for the sake of tech. Technology is a tool; it is a means to get optimal solutions for the end-user.

VisionPro Enterprise Solutions

Command & control

Overseeing operations and making real-time business decisions.

Training & simulation

Tools for skill development and scenario practice.

Product Experience

Using technology to upgrade premium customer journeys.

Key Industries

Does Vision Pro fit all industries? Most likely it does, though some industries seem to have an easier win than others. No matter where you come from, let’s be creative together.

Automotive & Manufactoring

With Apple Vision Pro, Automotive & manufactoring companies can create a next level decision making tool throughout production, testing and racing.

Pharma & Lifesciences

With Apple Vision Pro Pharma and lifesciences companies get realtime data visualisation, alerts and production status to command and control.

Aviation, transportation and logistics

With Apple Vision Pro, Aviation, transportation and logistics companies can obtain live data visualization, receive alerts, and monitor production status for effective command and control.

Smart Buildings & Smart Cities

With Apple Vision Pro, architects and construction companies can leverage augmented reality for enhanced site inspections and on-site building visualization, enabling real-time overlay of design plans on physical spaces for precise and efficient project execution.

Engagement model

Enhance your business outcomes with our streamlined process for rapid MVP development, strategic alignment, and focused deployment, all designed for maximum innovation impact and user satisfaction.

Spatial computing

Leveraging the opportunities with ground breaking technology

Trifork offers end-to-end development services in the spatial computing arena, providing enterprises with cutting-edge, fully integrated solutions that revolutionize interaction and engagement in the three-dimensional digital space.

Design and development for the 3D world

Experience working on the platform

Early investments

Customers across automotive, pharma & smart cities

Preferred partner for more than a decade

Trifork has been a partner of Apple since the introduction of the iPhone. Together we have developed digital products for some of the most successful companies in the world.

The partnership is centred around conceptualisation, design, building and deploying digital products that drives business outcomes for our mutual enterprise customers.

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