App-shielding, the cost-efficient approach to application security

Cyber Protection, August 19, 2022

Cyber Protection, August 19, 2022

The ever-present threat 

Cyber is continuously evolving, especially concerning mobile-based apps, the vast majority of apps do not adequately build-in security, leaving them susceptible to threats. Malicious actors constantly find new and more aggressive methods to decompile and reverse engineer apps to identify and abuse weaknesses or sensitive information. Other threats include IP theft, fraudulent app clones, or fakes, which can lead to reputational and financial damage. 

Best in class App-Shielding

We have identified a way to help our customers reduce risk by implementing code obfuscation, combining strong code protection with powerful runtime protection, and providing comprehensive, multi-layered security at all times. This is done by implementing developer-friendly application shielding software for mobile and desktop.

The ease of use and integration of app-shielding is unparalleled, ensuring that any app is self-protecting within minutes. This dramatically accelerates our customer’s applications time to market, and our solution works smoothly with dev team’s favorite tool stack – enabling them to focus on product innovation without worrying about the complexities of application security. Seamlessly protect your app with no impact on the end-user experience. App-shielding supports compliance with regulations such as GDPR, PCI and PSD2. We only utilize the best-in-class application security, as Promon is recognized by Gartner. (Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Application Security, 2022)

The solution works well within agile development, cloud apps, mobile apps, and web services seamlessly. As the app-shielding solution is not based on any hardware, we can swiftly deploy across all environments, including development and testing.

Don’t delay another release because of security  

Reduce both your CapEx and OpEx utilizing app-shielding technology, that effectively blocks attacks swiftly and effectively until the underlying vulnerabilities can be addressed. Bake in app-shielding technology into existing DevSecOps pipeline & CI/CD loops. 

The app-shielding alternative is significantly more cost-efficient than deploying and operating WAFs (Web Application Firewalls). The solution deploys on top of the existing app structure, avoiding rework of code – subsequently limiting capital expense. In addition, it observes the application behavior and therefore does not require significant investments on tuning, model building, verification or human resources.

Moving into NextGen application security

Legacy approaches, e.g., attempting to block at the network level, are inherently inaccurate when understanding application behavior. This is due to the protective measures are focused outside of the application itself. Also, network-based application security generates a large number of false-positives and require constant tuning. 

Over the past 20 years, network protection has moved increasingly closer to the application – first the firewall, second the IPS (intrusion prevention systems), third the WAF. With our joint effort, security is now within the application, where it belongs. 

The orchestration of app-shielding delivers a level of accuracy not attainable with legacy approaches. We now have an increased accuracy to transform the security adoption equation, enabling customers to confidently protect more of their data and application portfolio with fewer resources. 

By adding app-shielding to your next digital product, you are able to protect yourself against cyber-attacks in real-time. 

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