We are happy to announce a new feature in My Doctor App (Min Læge)

Digital Health, January 30, 2023

Digital Health, January 30, 2023

Trifork Digital Health is proud to unveil a new feature on the My Doctor App (Min Læge) called “Find speciallæge.” This feature makes it simpler than ever to locate the nearest medical specialist or the one with the shortest waiting time, all thanks to the recent agreement between the Danish Regions and Foreningen af Praktiserende Speciallæger (FAPS) – Association of Practising Medical Specialists.  

Accessible healthcare 

With the My Doctor App, it is easy and simple for Danish citizens to be in contact with the health care system. Therefore, adding another function to the app is a step in the right direction.    

Almost two million Danes visit an ophthalmologist, an ear specialist or another specialist every year. Instead of spending a lot of time searching on different websites, Danish citizens will be able to access the My Doctor app and easily find the nearest specialist. Especially during holiday seasons, citizens can easily find clinics that are open.  

An app with many functions 

In addition to the new “Find speciallæge” function, citizens can also book an appointment with their GP, have an e- and video-consultation, get an overview of their appointments and get answers to questions. The My Doctor App is close to reaching 2 million users, so many Danes will benefit from the feature.

Project Manager, Ida Birgitte Bramming, says:

“We are enormously pleased that Praktiserende Lægers Organisation (PLO) – The Danish Organization of General Practitioners is making ‘Min Læge’ available for new development, and thus the new ‘Find Speciallæge’ feature in the app. We are proud that the Foreningen af Praktiserende Speciallæger (FAPS) – The Association of Practicing Specialists has chosen us as a supplier, and at the same time puts digitalization on the agenda. Offering a digital solution like this, makes it both more manageable for medical specialists and also easier to be a patient in the Danish healthcare system.”