Access all your appointments with doctors, municipalities, and hospitals via My Doctor App

Digital Health, April 19, 2023

Digital Health, April 19, 2023

The My Doctor App has launched a new initiative that allows users to view their appointments within various sectors of the Danish healthcare system. This feature enables individuals to access their appointments with hospitals, municipalities, specialists, and general practitioners through a single platform.

“At Trifork, we are very proud to be able to contribute to giving citizens and healthcare professionals a better overview of agreements across sectors. With the new view, healthcare professionals can now also see appointments with other parts of the healthcare system. This makes it easier to coordinate the treatment of the individual citizen” 

Ida Birgitte Bramming, Project Manager for the My Doctor App at Trifork Digital Health

My Doctor App is the first Danish application that amalgamates all appointments, regardless of sector, into one comprehensive platform. This achievement was made possible through the collaboration of several stakeholders, including Praktiserende Lægers Organisation (PLO), the Organisation of General Practitioners in Denmark, MedCom, PLSP, the Ministry of the Interior and Health, and the Danish Health Data Agency.