Quantum computing in finance - the real potential behind the headlines

You have probably seen the headlines promising either massive potential for a new breed of financial products – or doom-and-gloom for current encryption. Quantum computing is a topic which divides opinion and challenges thinking at the same time. It appears as if fast promises – or threats – are often announced on a flimsy foundation.

During this presentation and Q&A we will explain the fundamental principles behind quantum computing, current and potential areas of application within finance and some of the as of yet grey areas of exploration.

We will explain why quantum computing has become a burning topic in finance, which use-cases have been in focus until now – and which potential new usages quantum computing may display over the coming months and years.

The agenda will include the following topics:

  • Quantum computing explained
  • Financial portfolio and assets as intrinsically random systems
  • Financial industry applications of quantum computing – today and tomorrow
  • Pricing, transaction settlement and dynamic portfolio selection
  • The known unknowns of quantum computing
  • Working with quantum computers and their use-cases: the journey ahead 

The online session is aimed towards executives and business leaders in finance within:

  • Financial product management
  • Commercial strategy
  • Cybersecurity & security strategy
  • Banking operations

Peter Flintholm Sørensen


Security Consultant and Product Manager

Peter Flintholm has a background in cryptography and computer science.

He currently works as a security consultant and product manager for a number of security products in Trifork Denmark.

Julie Bork Nellegaard


Design Thinking Expert

Julie Bork Nellegaard is Design Thinking expert at Trifork, where she facilitates workshops with clients across different Trifork locations and markets. Julie has a broad experience with Design Thinking applied in digital innovation and business development. Her key role as facilitator is to ensure a user-centred approach end-to-end and to drive the process towards the best solution across business, IT and design.

Watch the webinar here