Family Start: Healthcare at Your Fingertips with the Digital Innovation Project from Denmark's Region North Jutland 

Digital Health, September 8, 2023

Digital Health, September 8, 2023

Denmark’s Region North Jutland has started a new innovation project in collaboration with two North Jutland municipalities. The goal is to transform the way citizens engage with municipal healthcare through the use of digital communication tools. 

Named “Family Start,” the platform will be accessible to all citizens, but its primary focus is reaching those often overlooked by the traditional healthcare system. This includes citizens who struggle to establish necessary contact with healthcare authorities or who risk facing health problems without timely assistance. 

A central aspect of the project is improving access to healthcare professionals such as midwives in maternity wards and municipal healthcare services. This involves a quicker and more seamless way of contacting them without needing to arrange a formal appointment. 

    For citizens, the platform functions as an app offering a wealth of information and advice: 

    • A plethora of articles and reading materials. 
    • The opportunity to communicate and interact with healthcare professionals through chat messages. 
    • The option for personalized advice through on-demand video meetings. 

    For healthcare professionals, a dedicated user interface is being developed, which includes: 

    • An overview of all incoming messages. 
    • Efficient task distribution and collaboration within the healthcare team. 
    • Easy scheduling of video meetings with citizens as deemed necessary. 

    Region North Jutland is the driving force behind this project, in collaboration with two North Jutland municipalities and development partner Trifork. The pilot project is expected to involve around 400 citizens and will be operational from December 1 for six months. Following the pilot phase, the results will be meticulously evaluated to gauge the project’s effectiveness in capturing and assisting citizens who might otherwise fall through the cracks of the healthcare system. 

    This digital platform aims to complement existing healthcare services and reach citizens at risk of being underserved due to limited contact. By breaking down barriers, the platform makes it easier for citizens to take the initiative and contact healthcare professionals through a simple chat message. 

    Fast Facts: 

    Benefits for Citizens: 

    • Easy access to healthcare advice: Citizens can access vital health guidance and information through the digital platform, making it convenient to get answers to questions and concerns without waiting for a formal appointment. 
    • Personal interaction: The platform’s chat function and video meetings enable personal interaction with healthcare professionals, fostering a more comfortable and trusting atmosphere for discussing health-related matters. 
    • Time and convenience: Citizens can save time and hassle by avoiding transportation to physical meetings. They can participate in video meetings and receive advice and treatment at a time that suits them best. 

    Benefits for Healthcare Professionals: 

    • Efficient communication: Healthcare professionals can quickly address queries and provide advice through chat messages, facilitating efficient communication and swift responses to citizens. 
    • Improved resource management: The dedicated web interface offers healthcare professionals a comprehensive overview of incoming messages and tasks. This aids in distributing workloads more effectively and reducing delays. 
    • Flexible scheduling: Healthcare professionals can easily schedule video meetings as needed, providing flexibility to offer specialized advice without rigid time constraints.