Transform Your Contact Center with the Perfect Balance of Automation and Human Agents

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How can you make your contact center efficient and intelligent by using Google Cloud’s AI Services?

Are you

  • Looking into increased automation and self-service to break the cycle of increased costs?
  • Challenged by ambitious targets for retention, NPS, and cross-selling?
  • Exploring automation to rethink the customer journey and increase service levels?
  • Focused on striking the right balance between automation, self-service and human agent involvement?

A Contact Center optimized with AI

We’ve combined our AI capabilities with Google Cloud Contact Center AI with Avaya and Avaya Partner ComIzed’s expertise. Based on more than 4 years of Smart Contact Center practice, we inspire you to blend AI automated and agent assist possibilities into your customer journey – without losing the human touch.

Voice bots capture and analyze the intent and guide the outcome of each interaction in real time. This delivers a customer experience full of human-like, intelligent interactions. Plus, seamless handoffs to human agents with full dialogue context – without the need to change or replace your current contact center platform and supporting technologies.

Get a glimpse of our demo here.

Are you curious to hear what else our AI bot Roberta is capable of?

Join us for a 1:1 session!

To decide the best path for your customer journey, we invite you to a 1-1 session where we showcase Smart Customer Service. Our team of experts will present:

  • The business case potential of voice AI integrated with your contact center solution
  • A demo based on a live Avaya-Google CCAI set-up
  • Aspects of CCAI requiring particular focus during design and implementation
  • How to choose the right flow to automate
  • How to create an good customer experience in the balance between automation and human agents
  • How to scale automation across flows, business areas and segments
  • How voice automation integrates with and is enforced by other AI opportunities
  • How to secure long term capabilities in your organisation on dialog design and AI

1:1 sessions availabilities:

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