Virtual Learning for Strategy Execution

Webinars and virtual workshops for leaders and innovators

Times are turbulent but learning never stops. More than ever leaders and innovators must set direction for their organization and prioritize resources where longevity can be ensured.

We have curated virtual content from our events and approaches from our more than 10 years of digital strategy consulting with topics which move the needle for your organization – short and long term.

Our webinars will allow you to:

  • Engage with expert speakers and thought leaders
  • Learn about practices and technologies which can radically evolve your innovation
  • Optimize your time by focusing on facilitated, compact webinars

Webinars – Live and On-Demand

Join our live webinars with leaders and practitioners on key topics around digital innovation – from how to master compliance in the cloud we learn what it takes to build a successful brand. You’ll also find past webinars to watch on-demand.

On-demand webinars

Virtual Workshops:
Cost-Effective and Surprisingly Engaging

Innovation workshops are a unique leadership tool to create stakeholder engagement and effective decision-making. However, getting everyone in the same room at the same time can be challenging and add unnecessary costs to a new project or strategy process.

Can workshops be done virtually? Yes, they can.

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Trifork is facilitating the discussion of strategic, commercial and technical topics, which moves our clients’ business. We contribute actively to the learning, development and change of our ecosystem through free virtual and face-to-face events as well as exclusive by-invitation-only networks. We facilitate home-grown and external expert speakers on burning topics from dialogue design to quantum computing.

Together we will find the right answer to your question – and the right questions to ask.