Trifork Google Launch

Cloud technologies are transforming the ways companies innovate and collaborate – and their continuous adoption will increase exponentially over the coming years.
With the new strategic partnership between Google and Trifork, companies can access a unique pool of cloud expertise and global innovation to support their own transformation.

Zurich, August 28 2018

Trifork forms a new global partnership with Google, around Google Cloud offerings and Cloud innovation. The partnership is building on Trifork’s expertise within AI/ML, cloud transformation and cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes.

Since 2016, Trifork has collaborated closely with Google via Trifork’s affiliate, Container Solutions. This informal collaboration is now formalised via a Google Cloud Technology Partnership, strengthened to cover another of  Trifork’s key expertise areas – AI/ML – and extended across the Trifork Group.

‘It is only natural to include our expertise on ML in the strategic partnership moving forward. Tensorflow and toolkits such as Kubeflow will drive adoption of cloud technology even further. Access to scalable, manageable, and flexible AI/ML will be a critical driver for businesses across verticals in realising the benefits of AI/ML’, said Line Christa Amanda Sørensen, COO Trifork.

‘One of the key strategic opportunities for corporations globally is the shift to the cloud. Not just as a technological challenge but as a business innovation strategy which can drive new product and services
innovation, revenue and organisational resilience’, Jon Witkamp, Head of Google Cloud Partnerships, said.

Client benefits
The benefits for existing and new Trifork clients and partners are tangible. Access to the latest innovation combined with joint Google-Trifork expertise, which melts together pragmatic experience within industry verticals with business strategy and tech expertise.

Combine this with condensed business focused approaches such as Jump-starts, Discovery workshops and Trifork Accelerate innovation sprints and there is a significant learning and execution foundation for all businesses working with the opportunities around cloud and AI.

Christian Stahl, Partner Business Manager Google, added:’Important criteria in our selection of partners are of course technical expertise and a solid track record around innovative solutions across a number of verticals. The experience with helping clients on the strategic business level of their transformation is also critical. Trifork fulfils
these criteria’.

For Trifork, the partnership also fuels additional learning:
Our partnership with Google gives our clients access to the best of both execution ability and leading solution innovation within the cloud space. However, as a company motivated by solving complex strategic challenges together with our clients, the learning aspect is also fundamental for any Trifork partnership. I am certain that the partnership will bring significant learning opportunities for both Trifork, Google and our global clients.” said Joern Larsen, Founder and CEO Trifork.

The new partnership will be celebrated at partnership launch events in Denmark, which is open to clients,
investors, media and the wider network of Trifork and Google.

For more information on the partnership, please contact:
Line Christa Amanda Sørensen, COO Trifork

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