Cloud Operations

Cloud Operations

State-of-the-art hybrid & multi-cloud operations

At the heart of it, application operations is Business Continuity. We offer you secure and transparent application operations, acting as a catalyst for your business to thrive.

Whether built by us, built by you, or built by someone else entirely, Trifork offers to operate your business-critical applications across any environment. We can do this from our four Tier 3 certified datacenters in Aalborg, Denmark to your datacenters or co-locations, through to private or public cloud environments.

Your cloud journey with Trifork starts with defining the mission. Why cloud? What do you want to achieve? Perhaps you operate the application from your own datacenter but wish to reap the benefits of a cloud migration. Perhaps the application is not yet operational, and you wish to establish a fully automated CI/CD-pipeline in a public cloud environment?

Whatever your challenge, Trifork offers the expertise, and we are driven by our desire to inspire you on your cloud journey.


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