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The need for an agile and reliable IT partner

JYSK is a global retailer delivering a great Scandinavian offering within sleeping and living. They are part of the family-owned Lars Larsen Group. The Founder, Lars Larsen, opened his first JYSK store in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1979. Today, the company operates more than 3,200 stores and webshops in 48 countries.


It is crucial for JYSK to give their customers the best possible shopping experience by combining their great store service with their wide online assortment. JYSK’s e-commerce platform, wide product assortment, and store network with in-store POS solutions drive the need for an agile, scalable, cloud-native, and secure infrastructure and services.


Reliability and availability are a must in day-to-day operations, especially during peak seasons such as Black Friday and holiday seasons. With Netic – a Trifork company – already managing most of JYSK’s IT infrastructure, it was natural to adopt Netic’s managed services and Kubernetes container operations platform.

“With Contain by Netic, our developers can concentrate on providing customer and business value immediately and continuously instead of spending time on IT infrastructure services.”

Klaus Dhiin

Director, IT Operations Security, JYSK

Easy to manage with a flexible cost model

Based in Netic’s own data centers in Denmark, a dedicated Kubernetes environment for JYSK was deployed. It includes Contain by Netic – a cloud-native, secure, and managed Kubernetes-as-a-service offering.


Contain by Netic solves the challenges of managing a complex cloud-native environment, offering both compute and storage capacity on demand, as well as operational services for observability and analysis, security, and traffic management. It provides an outstanding developer experience for smooth and controlled release to production.


Netic’s solution is delivered as managed services on a consumption and subscription basis, meaning that these IT costs scale flexibly according to JYSK’s needs.

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