Contain by Netic simplifies complex cloud native application development



Cloud Native

Contain is Netic’s new cloud solution, designed to get companies up and running with Kubernetes without worrying about the complexity behind it.

For over a decade, Netic has been assisting companies with critical IT infrastructure migration to the cloud. As advancements in the field have accelerated, the need for an easier and more straightforward cloud native deployment solution has become increasingly apparent.

“The possibilities within the cloud native area are overwhelming, and as companies scale up and adopt more tools, the setup becomes increasingly complex for developers to navigate. We solve this problem with Contain.”

Rasmus Kirkebæk Jensen

Head of Business Development for Contain at Netic

Let developers develop

The solution provides an opportunity to outsource the complex platform engineering required to maintain efficient and modern application development. This necessity has become increasingly challenging for many companies to handle in-house due to its complexity and the difficulty in hiring competent resources. Many companies burden developers with this task, leaving them with less time for actual development of new features and functions.

“With Contain, our mission is to give developers time to focus on what truly adds value to the company – creating exceptional applications. Meanwhile, we take care of the underlying infrastructure, providing them with the best foundation to build, run, and deploy upon.”

Rasmus Kirkebæk Jensen

Head of Business Development for Contain at Netic

How Contain works

The Managed Platform powered by Kubernetes offers a suite of tools, services, and platform engineering designed to accelerate cloud native development. The solution consists of four parts:

  • The platform
  • A selection and maintenance of tooling from the CNCF-landscape
  • Infrastructure
  • Consultancy services

The composition of the service makes Contain unique in the market, as other providers typically only offer either a tool or a simpler platform. The service is subscription-based, with the option to scale up as the company grows.

Contain supports Trifork’s strategy of offering multiple standardized platforms and meets the market demand for managed services that accelerate development processes.

A brand new community

The ambitions for Contain are significant, which is why Netic has chosen to give the service and area its unique name, identity, website, and LinkedIn page. The goal is to reach new audiences and create a community in the area.

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