Trifork supports restoring and conserving Antigua’s marine ecosystems

Other, February 24, 2022

Other, February 24, 2022

Coral reefs continue to decline globally and threats including pollution, overfishing, habitat destruction, disease, and climate change are ever-increasing. Being the breeding ground for several endangered species of fish whilst protecting the coasts against erosion, the coral reefs are as of now a widespread problem.

In Trifork we love the ocean, which is why we want to take an active stand and pave the way for a clean thriving ocean floor – full of life. To unleash the full potential, we have joint forces with the non-profit organization Elkhorn Marine Conservancy, because of their remarkable results in coral reef restoration. They establish underwater coral nurseries, by collecting and planting small coral fragments, allowing them to grow in protected conditions. Elkhorn’s mission is to enhance the resilience and local stewardship of Antigua’s marine ecosystems through restoration, collaborative management, and conservation.

“Elkhorn is a remarkable and ambitious project, as much as we love and use the ocean, we also want to be part of maintaining it and making sure it will be there for our grandkids. Our partnership with Elkhorn Marine Conservancy, helps us be part of making that a reality. We encourage anybody who loves the sea as much as us to support the mission of Elkhorn.”

Jørn Larsen, Trifork CEO

“The collaboration between Trifork and the EMC has expanded our thinking not only with respect to coral restoration, but to other conservation endeavors as well.  Trifork has awareness and understanding of conservation models, particularly from Scandinavia and the Mediterranean, that are extremely interesting and could be potentially very significant for Antigua.”

Arthur Gosnell – Chairman of the board, Elkhorn Marine Conservancy

“Through our partnership with Trifork, we’re developing innovative solutions to complex environmental problems and spreading the word about marine conservation and restoration. We’re beyond excited about Trifork’s support and the initiatives we will be working on together.” 

Dr. Molly Wilson – Lead Scientist, Elkhorn Marine Conservancy

This week, a team of Trifork employees take part in the IMA Caribbean Maxi Challenge 2022 race in Antigua, to promote the great work of Elkhorn Marine Conservancy.

If you want to support the project, click here.

Did you know?

Antigua is exposed to destructive hurricane activity and storm surge, which can devastate coastlines and infrastructure. Marine and coastal ecosystems dissipate wave activity up to 99%, protecting coastlines from erosion and inundation.

Our partnership with Elkhorn Marine Conservancy also enforces our active commitment to the UN Global Compact and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Photo taken by Jørn Larsen, Trifork CEO & Founder