Safeguarding critical infrastructure

Cyber Protection, February 28, 2024

Cyber Protection, February 28, 2024

A large player in the transportation sector operating within the critical infrastructure domain, faced an escalating threat landscape of cyber-attacks. With the transportation sector becoming a prime target for malicious actors targeting critical national infrastructure, the company recognized the need to fortify its cybersecurity posture to safeguard sensitive data, ensure operational continuity, and adhere to stricter regulatory requirements.

After coming to the realization that it was difficult to attract qualified employees with the needed capabilities, the company made a shift from the initial strategic decision to build an internal red team to working with an external partner.

Red team testing and compliance adherence

Trifork Cyber Protection engaged with the company to conduct comprehensive red team testing, a proactive approach simulating real-world cyber threats to assess vulnerabilities in the company’s digital infrastructure. The collaboration aimed not only to identify weaknesses but also to fortify the company’s cybersecurity defenses against evolving threats.

Moreover, recognizing the sector’s compliance intricacies, Trifork Cyber Protection tailored its services to ensure adherence to international cybersecurity standards and regulatory frameworks. This included aligning the company’s cybersecurity practices with industry-specific guidelines, ensuring data protection, and compliance with regional and global regulations.

“Trifork Cyber Protection’s tactical approach to red team testing and compliance adherence has fortified our cybersecurity defenses. This partnership has not only enhanced our operational stability but also helped us to bring back focus on our core business.”

Senior IT manager of a large transportation company

Staying on top of the relevant cyber risks

The collaboration between Trifork Cyber Protection and the company yielded significant results:

1. Enhanced security posture: Through red team testing, vulnerabilities were identified and promptly addressed, bolstering the company’s security posture – both in production as well as before pushing new products to production.

2. Regulatory compliance: Trifork Cyber Protection’s expertise in navigating complex regulatory landscapes ensured that the company met and exceeded compliance requirements, providing a secure environment for critical infrastructure operations.

3. Operational stability: The company experienced improved operational stability as a result of strengthened cybersecurity measures, mitigating the risk of disruptions due to cyber threats.

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Anders Fleinert Larsen

VP, Trifork Cyber Protection