EDIA and Trifork Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Innovation in Education Sector

Press release, September 6, 2021

Press release, September 6, 2021

EDIA and Trifork Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Innovation in Education Sector
EDIA to transfer its EdTech and eHealth portfolio to Trifork Operations. 

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EdTech company EDIA, specialising in AI solutions for educational publishers, and Trifork, an established and leading supplier of Software Development and Machine Learning solutions, have entered into a strategic partnership to accelerate innovation within publications for the educational sector, while customers of innovative educational and eHealth products receive the best of services. 

EDIA started their transition from a project-based service provider to a product-based and SaaS company in 2018. To accelerate this transition and focus even more on product development, Trifork will continue development of EDIA’s education and eHealth software services, maintaining the technology and customer database. The current customer portfolio of EDIA will be transferred to Trifork, including associated knowledge and several employees.

Through this natural transition Trifork continues to invest in the development of custom-made software projects and at the same time Trifork Operations will immediately experience a growth spurt. Trifork Operations was established to meet customer demand for quality custom operations and functions as a separate business unit from within the office of Trifork in Amsterdam. The business delivers specialised customised, 24/7 operations, hosting and application management. In addition, the development and updating of software based on the requirements and optimisation needs and possibilities is part of the service of Trifork Operations.  

Taking over the project development and operations component from EDIA allows Trifork to execute their growth plans and vision. At the same time, this gives EDIA an opportunity to focus on research and development of their AI capabilities that began in 2006.

EDIA’s SaaS solutions focus on educational publishers, enabling them to create and deliver personalised content and individual learning experiences. EDIA currently offers automated meta-tagging services that allow publishers to organise content, make it more easily searchable and flexible for a variety of purposes. These services  are delivered in the form of APIs or CMS (content management system) integrations.

 “Our vision is to leverage the full potential of AI to disrupt the way the traditional educational publishing is done” said Jaeques Koeman, CEO of EDIA. “Working together with Trifork allows us to not only accelerate product development but also increase the impact on the educational landscape.”

Frank Groot, CEO of Trifork notes: “With this partnership we see great opportunities for both parties involved: EDIA can focus on their product development, while we can focus on the customers and their specific needs. Extending our customer portfolio is in line with the growth ambition of Trifork and our new business unit Trifork Operation. This allows us to better meet our customers’ demand for support throughout the entire life of the software.”

“These customers compliment our portfolio, which already includes various educational publishers and eHealth organisations. Servicing our customers with customised solutions we remain at the forefront of developments in the field of DevOps. Our customers realise the value of developing and hosting applications. They would like a long-term relationship with both us and their technology partner. Of course we are there to provide them with top quality and state of the art services.”  says Andries Baatje, BU Manager Trifork Operations:

About EDIA

EDIA is an EdTech machine learning and AI focused company, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Amsterdam. For nearly 15 years, using a wealth of experience with AI in education, EDIA has been developing an artificial intelligence technology created specifically for educational publishers. This technology is designed to help automate content and enable opportunities for personalized learning. The product has won several international awards and is widely used today. To learn more, visit https://www.edia.nl

About Trifork 

Trifork is a fast growing technology innovation company, headquartered in Switzerland with branches in the Netherlands, Nordics, and the UK. Founded in 1996, they now have offices across Europe and North America. Trifork specialises in the development of customised software solutions. Areas of expertise are Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Microservices, Cloud Technologies, Internet of Things, and Digital Transformation. To learn more, visit https://trifork.com

For more information, please contact:
Karin Groot, Marketing Manager Trifork B.V.
E-mail: karin.groot@trifork.nl