Data Analytics & Machine Learning

We have been using Machine Learning as a way for our customers to achieve rapid growth through smarter solutions

We have been using Machine Learning as a way for our customers to achieve rapid growth through smarter solutions

Why Trifork?

We are a group of Machine Learning enthusiasts and specialists, delivering value-based AI through an agile approach to ensure that the product gives real value to the end-user. We provide counseling, development, and implementation of AI solutions within all branches of AI, but with a high specialization within Computer Vision. Our approach ensures that we create value from day one and that we always have the end-user in focus.

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Our services

How can we help you

We’re dedicated to tackling your business challenges head-on, leveraging the power of AI, computer vision, and a range of cutting-edge tools to provide innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

Understanding of Hardware Software Interaction

Our customer-centric approach to seamlessly integrate hardware, software, and AI, ensuring a tailored and effective solution for harnessing the power of computer vision technologies.

Building Closed Loop Systems with ERP and Robotics Experience

We excel in building closed-loop systems, leveraging our extensive experience in ERP and Robotics to deliver integrated solutions that enhance operational efficiency and drive business success.

Identifying Business Critical Challenges Through The Ride Along Process

Gain invaluable insights by identifying and addressing their business’s critical challenges, fostering proactive solutions and enhancing operational efficiency.

Cutting edge of Vision AI

We empower customers at the cutting edge of Vision AI by delivering advanced solutions that harness the power of artificial intelligence to enhance visual recognition, analysis, and decision-making.

Our Approach

We have a very iterative approach and our proven way is through “Proof in Production”.

Proof of Concept

Here we begin to identify if we can actually build what we’ve been asked to build. Can we get the high-quality data that we actually need in a future production setting?

Proof of Value

When we have retrieved the data, we ask ourselves, “does it give us the valuable insights we need in order to build the solution in the future?”

Proof in Production

Here is where we take the concept + value model and build the minimum viable solution and test it in its real context in real life. We then collect more data, improve the model, and upscale it afterwards.

We have been using Machine Learning and AI as a way for our customers to achieve rapid growth through smarter solutions.

We partner with big tech companies who are experts in their fields, which give us early and easy access too high compute resources and trending technologies, such

  • Edge Computing for data management, security and privacy
  • Automated ML

We have a strong track record of successfully implementing Machine Learning projects across various industries and sectors.

“It was important for us to have a partner in crime who were experts in what they do – Machine Learning – and who could deliver effectively. That’s the reason we went with Trifork and we are very satisfied with the result. We achieved everything that we wanted and we learned a lot from the experience with Trifork that we can definitely use in the future too.”

Kenneth Væversted

System specialist – Baggage Automation & Technology, CPH Airport

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