Smart Building

Smart Building

Building connected solutions for a better planet

What makes a smart and connected building, home, car, toy or phone? Besides factors like ease-of-use, security, comfort, human-centricity and the environment, perhaps it’s that they solve problems we didn’t even know we had!

With Smart Building & IoT, Trifork fulfils the need for technological solutions supporting connected and smart buildings and devices, thereby actively contributing towards CO2 neutral ambitions and a growing demand for frictionless user interaction and digital connection with the physical world.

Open networks, connectivity, relationships with inventors of building components, resource providers (such as power and water utilities) and an intuitive user experience are key elements of the growing demand for smarter solutions within Industry 4.0.

Within the Smart Building business area, we assist our customers in creating intuitive and engaging user experiences and securely bridging IoT ecosystems to our customers’ existing digital offerings. Taking care of ourselves and the planet is good for business.

our operation model

Inspire. Build. Run.


From ideas to feasible projects

We’re experts at designing and developing state-of-the-art, user-centric solutions that build on intuitive user experience. . We find the right digital solution to your challenges and get them in the hands of users fast and efficiently.


Developing high-quality systems

We build intelligent solutions with IoT technology as the backbone. Measured by money spent on IT and installation services, the largest application areas include smart grid, freight management, omni-channel operations and smart building/smart home solutions.


Running maintainable IT infrastructure

Through our IoT vendor relationships, we run more than 200,000 active smart devices worldwide and support the operations of these devices via public cloud or on-premises networks.


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