Smart Building & IoT

Reduce cost & emissions with Trifork Footprint

Not sure how to identify your major sources of waste?

We help you discover improvement opportunities through interviews, field studies, and data analysis

Are your crucial data difficult to acquire?

We help you take control of your energy & resource data through flexible hardware solutions and nimble software architecture

Is optimization far off & ESG reporting a drag?

We help you optimize your business for sustainable operations through automation and insight

Let us guide you towards sustainable operations

Our experienced facilitators make sure we kick things off with a sound strategy for your situation.

Research. We help you carry out  observations and interviews to identify problems and gain surprising insights.

Form hypothesis. We analyze data and form hypothesis about promising energy and resource savings opportunities.

Map data sources. We help you map out your most crucial energy data sources and create a plan for a PoC or more mature solutions.

Acquire data. If needed, we install additional sensors/hardware to circumvent common barriers like legacy systems.

Analyze data. Once we’ve obtained the desired data, we can help you make sense of them.

Enrich data. In some cases we need to enrich your data with data from external sources to achieve our goals.

Act on data. We help optimize your energy consumption, i.e. through smarter operations like intelligent lighting control or ML/AI-driven cost-savings. We can also help automate ESG reporting to make it easier, more dynamic, and compliant.

Whether you need help with any or all of the phases, our Footprint team can’t wait to help you. Reach out today.

our operation model

Inspire. Build. Run.

From ideas to feasible projects

We’re experts at designing and developing state-of-the-art, user-centric solutions that build on intuitive user experience. . We find the right digital solution to your challenges and get them in the hands of users fast and efficiently.

Developing high-quality systems

We build intelligent solutions with IoT technology as the backbone. Measured by money spent on IT and installation services, the largest application areas include smart grid, freight management, omni-channel operations and smart building/smart home solutions.

Running maintainable IT infrastructure

Through our IoT vendor relationships, we run more than 200,000 active smart devices worldwide and support the operations of these devices via public cloud or on-premises networks.


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