Trifork buys Nobly’s digital health products

Press release, September 6, 2021

Press release, September 6, 2021

(Please find the Danish version here)

One of Denmark’s leading IT companies, Trifork, which has made several strategic investments in the Danish market in recent years, is once again setting up health care.

A joint decision

This time Trifork is gearing up with the acquisition of digital health products from the Danish IT company Nobly. The RoOS, Arrival and Transport products will thus strengthen Trifork’s portfolio of digital health solutions with new, proven and value-added products.

Nobly has developed the products in close interaction and cooperation with the Danish Regions and is proud that with these products they have helped to streamline heavy workflows and make cold hands warm within the health industry. The staff gets a better overview, avoids administrative burdens and thus gives more time to patients and citizens.

Trifork is taking over the further development of the products and has great ambitions, partly to distribute the products to even more customers and partly to further develop the products with new functionalities.

It is important for both Trifork and Nobly that there is a great focus on the customers. Especially in the transfer process, now that Trifork is taking over customer responsibility, operations and further development of the products.

The acquisition goes into effect on January 15, 2020, while the actual transfer and relationship building with the customers takes place in close cooperation between Trifork and Nobly during the first 6 months of 2020.

“When Nobly contacted us, the decision was not difficult. The products fit well with our strategic focus on delivering even more solutions to the clinics. We look forward to starting the relationship building and getting to know the customers,” says Karen Skjerbæk Jørgensen, Vice President Trifork Healthcare.

The real family

There were several international companies interested in buying the listed products from Nobly. When the selection fell on Trifork, it was because Nobly sees Trifork as a company with the same set of values ​​as themselves and as a company already known as a serious, ambitious and trustworthy supplier and partner in the Danish digital health market.

“Our digital health products should be entrusted to the right family, as we know that Trifork is. They have given us the security that we can pass on to the customers,” says Morten Have, Business Development Director at Nobly.

About Nobly

Nobly is a Nordic IT Consultant with a focus on digitizing work processes. With the divestment, Nobly wants to focus on the core business, which is to provide tailor-made solutions that are based on the individual customer’s digital challenges. Nobly is a certified partner and Europe’s largest developer of content service solution OnBase from Hyland Software.

About Trifork Digital Health

With solutions such as Shared Medication Record (FMK), Decision Support and My Doctor App, Trifork Healthcare is already a major player in healthcare IT in Denmark.

Trifork was founded in 1996 in Denmark and is a European software development company. The focus is on inspiring and challenging the customers’ digital agenda with the latest technologies and methods through conferences, workshops and user engagement. It is Trifork’s desire to change the world by developing intelligent, business-critical software solutions that enhance and simplify users’ daily lives.

In addition to Healthcare, Trifork focuses on Fintech, Smart Building, Cloud Operation, Smart Enterprise and Cyber Protection. The company has 700 employees, 45 offices in 10 countries

For more information, please contact:
Karen Skjerbæk Jørgensen, Vice President Trifork Healthcare