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Apple showcases how Vestas creates Business value through User Experience

August 20, 2020

400.000 hours saved globally every year. We apologize for jumping straight to the conclusion of Trifork Smart Enterprise’s latest project, OneFieldService for Vestas.

When digital pioneers like Vestas entrust us with the task of mobilizing their employees, we start by making their users front and center of the process.

We need to know what problem we are solving. And for whom.

In return, we deliver solutions that are clever, intuitive and lovable. In Vestas’ case, four native iOS app have put real time SAP and other related data straight into the hands of their 10.000 global field service technicians servicing around 80.000 turbines all over the world. Documentation. Time registration. Task management. Swipe, tap, tap. Done.

Enterprise mobility is where you find today’s competitive edge. As you enhance the quality of your data input, you improve your ability to make the right business decisions. At the right time. For Vestas, the empowering of field service technicians through intuitive and intelligent mobile solutions delivered ROI within 6 months.

6 months. It’s fairly convincing.

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