We sponsor the Danish Hospital Clowns - who supports hospitalized children and their families

Digital Health, January 14, 2022

Digital Health, January 14, 2022

Again in 2022 we are proud sponsor of the Danish Hospital Clowns. A non-profit organization of hospital clowns that brings smiles, joy and magical moments to hospitalized children and their families in Danish hospitals.

Danish Hospital Clowns work to strengthen children’s joy of life and courage in life, so that they can better cope with the course of their disease. They meet and recognize the child where it is. In the anxiety, in the joy, in the boredom.

When we enter a room, we see the people who are – children, relatives and staff – and react to the specific mood. Maybe there is a need to transform the hospital room into a space full of play and magic. Maybe help is needed to conduct a study. Or maybe we need to put words and body to the child’s pain.

Danish Hospital Clowns

The hospital clowns share their strength with the child and provides what is needed. For many children, the clown can become a safe hand to hold when life in the hospital hurts. And an anchor to return to. Which is also why we continue to sponsor their amazing work.