Proud Sponsor of the Danish Hospital Clowns

Digital Health, August 4, 2022

Digital Health, August 4, 2022

Again this year, we can call ourselves a proud sponsor of Danske Hospitalsklovne (the Danish Hospital Clowns), and the life-affirming work they provide. The Hospital Clowns transform a hospital room into a space full of play, magic, and reassurance – especially when life gets tough for hospitalised children and their families.

Professional and Trained Clowns

The Danish Hospital Clowns has a suitcase full of expertise, which contributes to ensuring that hospitalized children and their families have a safe hand to hold when life in the hospital can be tough. With a professional education of 1 ½ years, the hospital clowns are taught a wide range of artistic tools combined with training in e.g. relationship building, neuropsychology and collaboration with staff.

Clowns create a Room full of Play, Magic and Security

In this way, the hospital clowns strengthen the joie de vivre and lifestyle of hospitalized children, so that they can better cope with the course of the illness. The clowns help to create a very special atmosphere in the hospital ward – they are able to create a room full of play, magic and security. Today, Danish Hospital Clowns consists of 61 hospital clowns, while 12 clown apprentices are undergoing training.

In the Intersection between IT and Health

The life-affirming work that the Danish Hospital Clowns provides fits perfectly with our mission to take citizens, patients and relatives by the hand throughout the entire patient journey. In the intersection between IT and health, we want to make a difference for all patients, including children. That is why we are also very proud to support Danish Hospital Clowns, who also want to make a difference.

Danske Hospitalsklovne