Trifork Invests in Interregional and Innovation Project CAT

Digital Health, March 7, 2023

Digital Health, March 7, 2023

Trifork has made a heartfelt investment in the interregional research and innovation project CAT 🇩🇪🇩🇰, which is especially touching as it involves children and young people. 

The CAT (Child to Adult Transitions) research project aims to improve the transition from child to adult treatment in both psychiatry and somatics. It does this by developing new solutions that support and guide young patients, reducing the risk of them being lost during the transition period. 👶👱‍♂️ 

Impressively, the project has already received 2.5 million euros (equivalent to 18 million Danish kroner) from the prestigious Interreg program Deutschland-Danmark. 

Trifork is proud to collaborate with 10 Danish and German institutions to promote transnational collaboration, exchange of experience, and capacity building between hospitals. 🏥 Together, Denmark and Germany are making a strong effort to support young patients and improve patient treatments. Universitetshospital Sjælland is the lead partner and is at the forefront of the new research and innovation project. 

“It’s fantastic to see how research projects like these can help young patients in the transition to adult treatment, minimize the risk of interrupted treatment, and at the same time help solve socio-economic problems. Congratulations to everyone involved in the project.” 

Says CCO of Trifork Digital Health, Karen Skjerbæk Jørgensen