"Contact Doctor" app: Fostering Health Equality Through Video Consultations

Digital Health, March 29, 2023

Digital Health, March 29, 2023

“Contact Doctor” is a mobile application that enables social and healthcare professionals in municipalities to assist citizens in starting a video consultation with their general practitioner.

Through the a virtual waiting room feature, the healthcare professional can easily conduct the video consultation with the citizen, utilizing a virtual waiting room already used for video consultations by doctors.

A recently published evaluation report by MedCom shows that the app has significant potential and value. The report concludes that the app provides great value in the treatment of citizens by enabling video consultations with a citizen/patient group that would otherwise have limited access to their own doctor.

We are proud to have been responsible for the technical development of the “Contact Doctor” app, which is an advancement of the “My Doctor” app. It is a pleasure to contribute to increasing equality in the healthcare system.

The “Contact Doctor” is developed in collaboration with PLSP, The Danish Organization of General Practitioners (PLO), Kommunernes Landsforening (KL), the Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Senior Citizens, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration and Trifork.