My Doctor App (Min Læge) has reached 2 mill. users

Digital Health, March 3, 2023

Digital Health, March 3, 2023

The My Doctor app has achieved a significant milestone by reaching two million users, which means that an impressive number of Danes now rely on the app for their medical needs.

This versatile app offers a range of features, including the ability to access test results, conduct video consultations with doctors, and keep track of referrals for specialized treatments. To ensure that the app and its corresponding website,, are accessible to all users, they are supported by assistive functions such as voiceover and keyboard adjustments for font and display sizes. 

A constantly envolving app

“My Doctor” is constantly evolving, with new functions being added regularly. The latest addition is the ability to locate the nearest specialist doctor.

We at Trifork are thrilled to have achieved this milestone in partnership with The Danish Organization of General Practitioners, PLO, the Danish Health Data Agency, the Ministry of Health, and Medcom.