Trifork and the Schools in Oure collaborate with the goal of a more sustainable world

Press Release, April 3, 2023

Press Release, April 3, 2023

IT company Trifork has joined forces with the Schools in Oure to educate children and young people during The Ocean Race in Aarhus.

When the legendary sailing competition The Ocean Race comes to Denmark for the first time ever, it will be with IT company Trifork as the main sponsor. Trifork will use the sponsorship to highlight how technology is one of the primary drivers for creating a more sustainable world.

The hope for a more sustainable world is shared by Trifork and the Schools in Oure, which has been working with the Sustainable Development Goals for many years and has gradually moved in a more sustainable direction.

Trifork has now teamed up with the Schools in Oure, whose former sailing students will teach local primary and secondary school classes from Aarhus and the surrounding areas when The Ocean Race docks in Aarhus Harbor from May 29 to June 8 here, children and young people get the opportunity to learn from Trifork’s sharp IT minds and the Schools in Oure’s former students. The education will focus on how technology can help create a more sustainable lifestyle.

“The Ocean Race is the largest sports event in Denmark in 2023, and we will use that attention to focus on one of the most important agendas for all of us, namely sustainability. At the same time, sailing is close to our hearts at Trifork, which is why the collaboration with Oure is such a strong match. Together, we have developed an inspiring teaching format where children will gain an understanding of how to develop IT with a focus on building their own sustainable smart building,”

Malthe Kringelbach Iversen, CMO Trifork.

“The collaboration with Trifork on the education for The Ocean Race is a new layer on how we normally participate in sailing competitions. We have gathered a group of former students from the Schools in Oure, all of whom are passionate about teaching and developing the younger generations. With the energy they have brought into this project, primary and secondary school classes in Aarhus will have some inspiring hours, hopefully leaving with a smile on their faces, more knowledgeable about Trifork, Oure, and The Ocean Race,”

Jesper Henriksen, Leader of the Oure Sailing Academy at the Schools in Oure.

The Ocean Race takes place in Aarhus from May 29 to June 8. Trifork and Oure exhibit at Sustainability Island, where education for local primary and secondary school classes takes place during daytime on weekdays. The offer of education has been sent to schools in Aarhus, where teachers now have the opportunity to book on specific days during The Ocean Race.