"My Pregnancy" App now available – digital pregnancy support

Digital Health, December 14, 2023

Digital Health, December 14, 2023

We’re excited to share the launch of the “My Pregnancy” app, a notable development in pregnancy and early parenting support.

Developed through a collaboration between the Danish Health Data Authority (Sundhedsdatastyrelsen) and various Danish health authorities, with Trifork Digital Health and Duckwise (also part of the Trifork Family) as developing partner.

“My Pregnancy” is a free app, now available for both iPhone and Android users in Denmark.

“My Pregnancy” is more than just an app. It represents a significant step forward in digital healthcare, offering comprehensive support and resources for individuals and couples during the pregnancy journey and early parenthood. 

Top features of ‘My Pregnancy’ 

  • Personalized journey: Enter your due date to receive weekly updates and advice tailored to your pregnancy stage. 
  • Healthcare overview: Easily track medical appointments and healthcare services throughout your pregnancy and up to eight weeks after childbirth. 
  • Educational content: Access over 400 articles and videos covering a wide range of topics about pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care. 
  • Customizable checklists: Prepare with ease using checklists for essential items, including ‘birth bag’ and baby clothing. 

The app’s content, crafted in collaboration with the Committee for Health Education, the Danish Health Authority, and the Danish Association of Midwives, is professionally validated and reflects the consolidated advice from the healthcare system. 

Looking Ahead 

By 2025, “My Pregnancy” will incorporate a digital journal feature by replacing paper journals to further streamline and enhance the pregnancy experience, facilitating effective communication between healthcare professionals and expectant individuals. 

Get the app for a well-informed pregnancy experience:

Download “My Pregnancy” and access a world of information and support, combining technology with reliable, supportive resources at your fingertips. 

We are proud to take part in this new phase of digital healthcare. Read more about the project here.