Unlocking AI-Driven Healthcare Solutions with MDR Certification

Digital Health, December 7, 2023

Digital Health, December 7, 2023

MDR QMS Certification: Pioneering Compliance 

MDR is Medical Device Regulations. QMS is Quality Management System. And Trifork Digital Health achieved the MDR QMS certification, demonstrating our commitment to compliance with the latest European regulations for medical devices and software. This certification focuses on enhancing patient safety and ensuring that medical equipment benefits those who need it most. 

AI-Driven Healthcare Revolution: Opening New Possibilities 

With our MDR QMS certification, we’re unlocking the potential for AI-driven medical software development. As AI continues to reshape healthcare, we’re at the forefront, actively supporting initiatives to advance AI technologies and frameworks in a regulated environment, including the forthcoming AI Act in 2024. 

Leading the Way in Europe 

We are proud to be one of the few medical software developers in Europe with MDR certification. This achievement underscores our dedication to pioneering safe and innovative healthcare solutions, including AI-driven technologies, and our commitment to a future where healthcare is more accessible, efficient, and safer for patients worldwide. 

Explore the Future of Healthcare 

We would like to thank the team, who worked so meticulously to make this happen. We would like to thank our customers for their trust and feedback during the MDR certification process. With this certification, we look forward to serving a wide range of clients both nationally and internationally, completing the full circle of our service offering. 

To learn how our certification can benefit your healthcare solutions, reach out to Michael Jensen, Business Unit Leader, and Medical Software (MDSW) Expert at Trifork Digital Health.