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This project was a team effort that included the carveout and system infrastructure expertise of Netic as well as the facilitation of Design Thinking Workshops, rebranding, website overhaul with the UX and UI thought into the design and business purposes of the project by Duckwise.

Opendo was created by several Danish financial institutions in 2020, offering flexible financing based on a sustainable economy and trustworthiness. To support this purpose, Opendo acquired Alm. Brand Leasing in Spring 2021.

Opendo offers leasing solutions for private and business purposes, with new and used cars available for personal leasing. Today, the company has more than 10.000 leasing contracts under administration, which in total represents a value of more than DKK 2 billion.


Moving away from the old brand with a carve-out of offerings

After the Alm. Brand leasing carve-out which we were responsible for, the website, the product, and all associated assets were all heavily tied to the Alm. Brand brand. Since there was no longer affiliated with Alm Brand, Opendo was more or less standing on a burning platform and needed to quickly move to a unique and recognizable brand identity.

We were brought in to solidify a solid brand, build the perfect user experience from scratch and strengthen the digital customer journey from A-Z.


“We were happy to work with an experienced tech partner, who managed to address our requirements from a complex carve-out to initial scoping and validating the solution via prototyping and at the end deliver a feasible solution fast and with high quality.”

Jacob Bangsted Christensen

CEO at Opendo

Strengthening the digital customer journey with a strong brand

Opendo had two key strategic goals

  1. Activate the distribution force of financial institutions
  2. Strengthen the Opendo brand and the digital customer journey

Opendo wants to leverage the positive relationship and trust between financial institutions and their customers.

Offer private leasing for customers in a user-friendly environment, where users can find and order their dream car and lease it instantly at competitive terms.



Mapping out key strategic goals

Key value propositions in the customer experience for the next four years were set before the work on establishing the new brand began. These include trust in Opendo, easily available leasing offers, and easy credit approval and a smooth purchasing experience among others.

After gaining a deep understanding of the overall goals and what needs to be achieved, the next step was then how to achieve these goals.

Additionally, We were brought in to assist Opendo on a carveout. This included analyzing which functionalities for Alm. Brand website, customer base, consent, and contracts that could be transferred to Opendo. Which new systems should be implemented to support new features

Design Thinking to identify value and customer needs

A key part of the inspirational element of our go-to-market model (Inspire-Build-Run) is to help customers to identify these goals, but also show the way to realize those goals. This is done throughout Design Thinking workshops.

After thoroughly understanding the customer needs. We looked to other industries to draw inspiration and use cases; this included business model trends in the industry, user experiences, and other websites of similar products such as bike leasing.

Establishing some of the critical needs included: a showroom, engaging graphics, and personal service. This allowed us to build a website based on solving the customer needs and understanding the visitors the site is intended for across the various banks and industries.

The importance of the design was detrimental in also building a mutual trust with the financial advisors in the banks that this is a product they believe in and can recommend to their customers.

Bringing in technical experts for best-in-class operations

A key goal of bringing us on board was our expertise and in-depth technical know-how within operations. This is required when establishing environments for verifications within systems. These verifications are connected to items such as the CPR and several public registries to determine whether the customer can lease a car. As part of being a full IT operations vendor, we were also responsible for the client operations, including all internal IT functionalities and providing internet, computers, etc.

We also operate two of Opendo’s applications, taking responsibility for those products’ stability and performance.

Attractive brand and user-friendly design ensure optimal customer experience

Opendo now has a fully rebranded website based on a concrete customer journey in mind. The website features a strong brand with a user-friendly design that gives insight into who Opendo is, its partnerships, and its functionalities. To make the process of finding a car, and ordering as convenient as possible.

For the first phase, the delivery list includes:

Rebranding of Opendo.dk

A new user-friendly design of the website with a strong brand and visual identity.


  • Redesign and improved user experience of the administration tool for Opendo customers LeasingPro.

Attractive showroom

  • To give the best possible presentation of the vehicle and all information needed.

Reference module to Opendo

  • To make it as easy as possible for the financial advisor to refer customers to Opendo. A specific module has been done where the advisor sends the customer an invitation by simply typing the recipient.

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