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REMA 1000



The era of convenience

REMA 1000 is a discount grocery store and one of the strongest brands in Denmark. Competing in an industry where prominent players have a tight grip on the market, REMA 1000 has marked itself on three core values convenience, low individual prices, and a good customer shopping experience.

REMA 1000 wanted to improve their customer’s shopping experience even further. They wanted to develop the best app in the industry; they approached the leading app development house for inspiration on how to come to the project and help to build and run the application.

Creating the best shopping experience

The customer’s ambition was to create a unique user experience for their shoppers, one that would provide value to the shopping experience, whilst not being a requirement. Simultaneously it is worth noting that REMA 1000 consists of individual franchisees, which means that they decide whether their shop should support a scan and pay solution, therefore it was key to the customer that the solution should provide as much value to the franchisee’s store as possible and that each franchisee remained in control. Therefore, this was a key strategic project for the customer.


In approaching this project, the customer trusted Trifork fully; for this journey, we were involved since the beginning. Initially, design thinking workshops were held with the customers to prioritize REMA 1000’s needs and align expectations for the outcome.

As a strategic technology partner, we helped build the best possible app, without an MVP, that both Trifork and the customer could be proud of. Using Scrum, the project went from ideation to a fully built application in less than eight months.

The final product finished a fully fletched scan and pay solution with built-in tutorials; the application is made easily accessible for the user. To fit the need, it should be as easy as possible to shop for your groceries in REMA 1000.

The application allows users to skip the line by scanning their items while shopping for groceries. By scanning the items as you pick them up, the shoppers can do their shopping a lot quicker. Additionally, the app also stores all of the shoppers’ receipts.

The application is hosted in Microsoft Azure and coded in c-sharp and .net. To successfully and smoothly run, the application features a lot of integrations:

  • Directly linked to REMA 1000’s ERP-System
  • Integrated with REMA 1000’s existing point of sales system
  • Features Geolocation to ensure the proper store is selected
  • NemId verification
  • Integrated with credit cards and the apple wallet
  • As well as, shoppers with an existing REMA 1000 account can continuously use this to keep track of all their purchases

Our idea was to create the best app possible, without needing an MVP. Trifork delivers a superb product, a great and efficient process, the ideal strategic technology partner

Mads Nysted

Sales Director, REMA 1000

Skip the line and save time

Initially, the most important thing was that the app performed on two metrics, allowing shoppers to skip the line, save time, and relieve personnel during peak/busy hours. The app has now been rolled out across Denmark.

The next phase is for the customer to observe how their shoppers interact and use the app. Small trends have already started to appear, such as making grocery shopping more fun for kids, where the child can scan items the parents select.

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