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Digging for (surprising) opportunities to cut costs & emissions

As a partner in Salling Group’s innovation program, Trifork Footprint helps identify numerous opportunities for both major and minor energy savings that result in emissions reductions.


By visiting stores and interviewing key stakeholders we get an overview of both apparent problems and problems that require further digging.

Analyzing historical data leads to surprising insights and informs us on areas where we need more granular data.

Forming hypothesis

Once we have an overview of the problem space we start to form hypothesis about potential solutions and the possible value creation, as well as determine areas where further research is needed. We then create a plan for validating our strongest hypothesis. Trifork Footprint act as both process faciltators and IoT experts.

Mapping data sources

By mapping out Salling Group’s physical sensor layout we uncover multiple information “dead zones” which inform where to install extra sensors. This ultimately leads to better reporting and significant energy savings through enhanced control.

Acquiring data

Where the digital infrastructure is inadequate and too expensive and cumbersome to upgrade we install workarounds that provide the data that are crucial for better energy management and thus significant savings and a reduction in emissions

Acting on data

Through our joint effort, Salling Group is increasing its granularity of energy data, enabling large aggregate savings and reductions in emissions.

Not all equipment comes with efficient energy-saving settings. By installing workarounds on i.e. cooling units we provide significant energy savings.

Salling Group is on a continued mission to reduce emissions and we look forward to learn where the next discovery takes us.


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