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A national action plan awarded to Trifork and partners

By the year 2050, one in ten inhabitants in Denmark are expected to be more than 80 years old. They are often complex patients and can be difficult to treat. The government presented a national action plan for this particular type of patient and RSI (the Danish Region’s Health IT) awarded the contract for the delivery, development, operation, maintenance and support of clinical decision support to Trifork in collaboration with, Lægemiddelstyrelsen and Netic.

A need for clinically qualified decision support

There was a need for clinically qualified decision support for physicians in Hospitals and the Primary sector, when prescribing medication or conducting a medication list review. The main objectives were to help reduce:

  • Medication errors
  • The number of medical related hospital admissions
  • The number of medical related hospital re-admissions

While striving to achieve these objectives, a solution called ATAH was developed.

ATAH – The benefits of the solution

The intended purpose of the medical device, ATAH, is to provide client systems with messages based on clinical data sets and patient data. The messages can be used by the general physician as decision support for providing informed prescriptive medication. The decision support is integrated into the individual medical systems found in the Danish GP Systems, including speciality clinic systems, and Electronic Health Records (EHR).

The benefits of the solution:

  • Decision support for prescribing medication, medication review and prescription renewal in real time
  • Integrated into the medical systems (EHR and GP systems)
  • Pragmatic and evidence-based decision support with brief concise information
  • Gives the possibility of in-depth information
  • Highly flexible, Kubernetes-based microservice architecture

The 12 modules of ATAH

The solution consists of 12 decision support modules  – with the possibility to add more.

  1. Interactions
  2. Cross reactivity
  3. Max dose
  4. Reduces kidney function
  5. Double prescription
  6. Children
  7. Contraindications
  8. Indications
  9. Pregnancy
  10. Lactation
  11. Antibiotics
  12. Monitoring

A scalable solution

ATAH has the potential to remove the great burden on physicians to spend time searching for the latest evidence. The available state-of-the-art technology requires physicians to manually search for information in clinical guidelines and databases a time-consuming task with many sources for failures and mistakes, which can be avoided with the use of ATAH.

The service contains rule-based on the latest research developed by a team of physicians dedicated to helping colleagues nationwide, is highly scalable and can be tailored to local needs.

Reducing medication errors for the entire population

The objective was to help reduce medication errors and thus reduce the number of medical related hospital admissions and re-admissions for the elderly patient. The solution has the potential to help reducing medication errors for the entire population – not just for the elderly patient.

Due to close and flexible collaboration with all stakeholders; RSI, Trifork, Netic, and, Clinical Decision Support/ATAH was delivered within scope, time and price. The tender was won in 2018 and in 2019 the solution was in operation. The solution is also CE-marked under MDD class I, and has a CE-marking under MDR class IIa (pending).

“As a customer in this initial phase toward establishing the MDR-certificate, we have felt in capable hands with Trifork. Trifork has managed to present a complex process in a clear way, presented the budget and timeline with precision and tailored the level of detail to our questions and needs. Furthermore, it’s an exciting process moving forward and the MDR certificate will open new opportunities for development and create safety for our users.” – Gitte Borup, Ph.d. Pharm, Joint Regional Manager

The project leverages Triforks vast knowledge of the healthcare domain and innovative approach using cutting edge technology, to create better patient care for the benefit of the individual patient as well as the society as a whole.

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