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Digital Health

A secure and coherent health network for all

Danish citizens, for the most part, have become very self-reliant, they have the resources – and expectations – for more digital contact with the healthcare system. Digitalisation must support those who can and expect digital healthcare –while simultaneously, freeing up time and availability to citizens who may need more physical contact with the healthcare system.

In the spring of 2018, the danish government in collaboration with the Danish Regions and Local Government Denmark (KL), presented the strategy: “A secure and coherent health network for all – digital health strategy 2018-2022.”

One of the focus areas of this strategy is “The Doctor in your Pocket – a citizen-oriented app in the general practice” that enables more individually tailored treatments and digital communication and this is exactly where the “My Doctor App” is centred.

Read more about the the Digital Health Strategy 2018-2022

The Doctor in Your Pocket

As digitalization and the development of new digital channels change, the way resourceful citizens communicate with the healthcare system will also change.

The goal of the “My Doctor App” is for citizens to experience the healthcare system as one secure and coherent network that is digital while remaining human. This gives citizens a more flexible contact with the healthcare system, where individual needs can be met and are taken more fully into consideration. By relieving and supporting the easy contacts, the doctor’s time will be free to help citizens who need personal contact.

The main objectives:

  • Citizens should have better opportunity to take responsibility for managing their health
  • Citizens should have access to a comprehensive overview of their treatment plans and data
  • Citizens should be allowed to be more in touch with the healthcare system from their own homes
Min Læge

Digital communication with your doctor

At the time, GPs (General Practitioners) already offered e-consultations and appointments through their websites, but the solutions varied from doctor to doctor – so there were great opportunities to expand with a common app for general practice.

The app builds on the existing solutions in a new digital channel for communication with your doctor, so that citizens, regardless of their practitioner, have easy and flexible access to features and services, and thus have a better opportunity to participate in their treatment.

Features of the solution

  • The emergency centre (call the emergency centre in your region – outside your doctor’s office hours)
  • Appointments with your own doctor (see your previous and upcoming appointments)
  • Inbox (see your e-consultations, ask questions, and get replies)
  • Medicine (redirect to the Medicine Card app)
  • Vaccinations (see your completed and recommended vaccinations)
  • Notifications about vaccinations, appointments, etc.
  • Referrals (see a current referral from your doctor)
  • Treatment plans
  • Questionnaires
  • Timeline with an overview of your contact with the doctor
  • WCAG compliant
  • Diagnoses (see selected diagnoses and treatment plans for COPD and diabetes)
  • Appointment booking
  • Your children’s data
  • Video consultation with GP’s and speciality doctors
  • Find speciality doctors in Denmark
  • Virtual Waiting Room
  • Laboratory results

The Result

Trifork always strives to make the complicated as simple as possible. With the “My Doctor App”, Trifork has combined extensive app development expertise with years of experience in digital health. This exact combination provides more citizen-oriented solutions such as the “My Doctor App”, delivered on time and within the framework that was set.

Making a joint app work across the different IT patient systems used in general practice is a huge task and all parties involved were very aware of the scope of the project. Therefore, a realistic level of ambition was laid in the first version of the app, which focused primarily on renewing the existing electronic communication between doctor and patient.

All of this has been achieved and the “My Doctor App” is continuously being developed and new features added – all in collaboration between Trifork, The Danish Organisation of General Practitioners (PLO) and the Danish Ministry of Health.

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