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Buying rather than building

Kamstrup A/S is a global provider of sustainable metering solutions for water, power, and heating. They design, manufacture, install, and service metering systems across the globe with local presence in 12 countries.

In a strategic move to focus on their core business, Kamstrup decided to purchase – rather than build – a secure data platform and a cloud stack based on proven technology and a flexible architecture, enabling them to focus in-house development teams on realizing business goals through customer centric integrations/applications and to gain new insights through consolidated, centralized data. Enter Trifork.

Empowering customer value creation and efficiency

A growing number of utility customers request a SaaS solution instead of trying to build software themselves. Kamstrup needed to rethink their service delivery. Kamstrup selected Trifork’s data platform called Cheetah and Netic’s cloud stack called Contain as the foundation for their digitalization journey, making data-driven decisions and building customer facing applications.

Trifork’s Enabling Team plays a pivotal role in Kamstrup’s adoption and utilization of the data platform, empowering the organization to focus on its customers, resting assured that security, scalability, and stability of the streaming processes is handled by the Trifork Group.

Many companies fall prey to the lure of shiny new tech that fails to deliver in stability, support, and a mature community. With Cheetah, Kamstrup has chosen a data platform that leverages proven technologies essential to a reliable platform and open- source software means extensive and accessible support from strong communities.

“Strategically, the Kamstrup Data Platform is of great importance to us. We are thrilled to see that our new system is well received by our development teams and how it accelerates our ability to create customer value. With Trifork as our trusted partners, we have succeed- ed in creating a great foundation for our growth without making a vendor lock.”

Lars Enevoldsen

Senior Vice President, Software Technology

Efficiency boost and clean data

With Trifork handling the development and maintenance of Kamstrup’s data platform – and the underlying eclectic choice of the best components – Kamstrup frees up time to focus on their core business. Furthermore, the guidance of Trifork’s Enabling Team boosts the efficiency of Kamstrup’s own developers when creating applications for their users. Also, developers need easy access to data but often do not know how to get them. Cheetah has an internal developer platform with built-in data and service discovery, enabling Kamstrup’s developers to find what they need at speed.

A platform for successful cooperation

At Trifork we are proud to play a part in Kamstrup’s journey to provide sustainable metering solutions and services for water, power, and heating. It is gratifying to provide behind-the-scenes empowerment of our customers as they create value in the world – all the while maintaining a high level of security.


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