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Grundejernes Investeringsfond



Improving housing blocks and maintenance

Grundejernes Investeringsfond – GI – (The Landowners’ Investment Foundation) was founded as a part of the great political housing compromise in Denmark. Since then, GI has been an active part in the improvement and maintenance of the privately-owned flats for rent in Denmark.

An essential task for them is to administer the owners’ contributions to maintenance and improvement of housing blocks and carry out compulsory maintenance on them as well as lend out money for maintenance and improvement. GI also handles the administration of the short term credit facilities and mortgage deeds and this is where Panteos, a Trifork product, was chosen to help GI optimize and streamline this process.

Administrating responsibilities

Panteos has an advanced administration module with the ability to customize user roles to fit into the administration flow and responsibilities in the organization. The system has a lot of automated procedures, integrated CRM and offers automated reporting to both managers and clients.

The main function areas are in bidding and lending with mortgages, primarily in real estate. This includes the administration of mortgage deeds where Panteos supports tasks such as collection, ownership change, re-prioritization and, not least, distressed mortgage deeds for collection, repayment, forced auction and claims.

Some of the key features of Panteos for this solution were:

  • Eliminate tedious and manual tasks through automation
  • Seamless integration to existing system
  • Automatic and advanced property value calculations
  • Tools for distressing cases and debt collection

This solution has helped our employees save so much – not only in the time it takes to get through a loan process, but also in the precision of the task, resulting in a more effective service for our customers.

Thomas Mogensen

Lending Manager

Full production just a few days after implementation

During the implementation of Panteos, there was a very close and effective collaboration between GI and Trifork. In the first phase after the implementation, constant monitoring and support by the team allowed Panteos to be in full production after only a few days.

Panteos has a high compatibility with many platforms and can offer functionalities that are not seen in similar products. The positive feedback to the everyday use of the system and the implementation process has proven to generate a high value for companies using Panteos, which are some of the largest players on the market for administration of mortgage deeds.

Improving productivity and performance with a flexible system

This system now handles all the mortgage deeds in GI. One of the key things that GI found in Panteos was a system that was more flexible than similar products in the market and a system with many features to improve productivity and performance in the administration.

Trifork provides continuous support to the product as well as ongoing development to further improve the system.

The real-time exchange and maintenance of data is the key factor for both parties. Trifork offers this product for both large and small companies.


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