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Ready for the future

Household and industrial electronics represent a major part of world energy consumption and in the future. This will demand far more intelligent solutions. Through the combination of smartphone computing powers and advanced pump technology, Trifork and Grundfos have created a product which is ready for the future.

User centric focus

The application was created for an environment with ”big fingers”, and the user interaction for this particular user situation has been the center of focus throughout the development process. A close cooperation with the designer team in Grundfos has ensured that functionality and user interaction design have been optimised throughout the development process.

Remote control access

Co-operating with Grundfos, Trifork has developed the future cordless remote control of Grundfos pumps. The smartphone applications for iPhone and Android make it possible to remote control the intelligent pumps and thus optimising the use of Grundfos pumps.

The applications enable the user to read and modify pump parameters and replace the former remote control R100. Grundfos products and pump technologies are worldwide market leaders and the smartphone involvement in the product range strengthens this position.

The GRUNDFOS GO application was created through an innovative and close cooperation, where Trifork has delivered the iPhone, iPod and Android application and Grundfos has been responsible for the development of the cordless communication unit itself.

Grundfos is known for being a very innovative company and it is quite groundbreaking to use Smartphone applications for controlling existing and future high technological pump systems. The close development has been based on agile methods of development where a number of short iterations and a close dialogue with the Grundfos product owners have resulted in a well functioning smartphone remote control, containing the functions which Grundfos needs.

Trifork´s innovative approach to the task has helped ensuring the continuous momentum of the process. During a development process, it is sometimes the case that partial deliveries block one another. The Trifork team has been very talented in finding ways around these obstacles, thus creating the necessary momentum in the project.



A flexible platform

The momentum of the GRUNDFOS GO project has been created through a committed team of developers who have managed to create a robust and reinvented application. By moving functionality from the existing R100 remote control to a smartphone application, Grundfos obtains a flexible future platform to swiftly bringing out improvements and exciting new functions to the service technicians. In Grundfos, project leader Bo Henriksen from Grundfos Management, has been a central coordinator for the entire project, which has enjoyed massive commercial attention in Grundfos management.

Trifork’s effort has been very satisfying. The team has assumed responsibility and has been a part of exploring the possibilities and thus creating the right solution for Grundfos. Trifork brought the agile method of development into the project. This method has enabled short delivery loops and has ensured that we have maintained a continuously well managed project, thus creating optimal value for our customers.

Bo Henriksen

Global Program Manager of Digital Products


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