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A Unified Operational Platform for Prehospital Services

Central Denmark Region’s prehospital service is a mobile hospital that annually treats over 150,000 citizens and transports 400,000 seated patients to hospital visits. This service plays a critical role in providing emergency care to seriously ill or injured patients from the moment a 112 call is made until the patient is either treated on-site or received at a hospital. 

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A Shared Communication Platform for a Rapidly Growing Organization

The prehospital service in the Central Denmark Region has significantly expanded from its initial operation of the AMK emergency control center to now also include a large part of the ambulance service. Today, the prehospital service has about 800 employees, of which approximately 600 are ambulance personnel and doctors operating out of the region’s bases distributed throughout the area. 

The regional council’s decision to internalize parts of the ambulance service introduced new needs within the organization. There was a requirement for a common IT system that could be used across both the AMK emergency control center and the Department of Ambulances and Emergency Medical Cars. The system needed to facilitate the reporting of daily logs in both departments and to report all matters concerning vehicles and personnel. Additionally, a fleet management system was necessary to always have an overview of the vehicles’ locations and their status. 

Furthermore, there was a desire for a common platform for targeted communication to the right employees, primarily about operational matters, but also for news and information from the management and staff. The need was not for another intranet but for a unified operational platform. 

A Truly Unique Joint Development Project

Trifork has been instrumental in developing and delivering this operational platform, in close collaboration with developers and domain experts from the prehospital IT team. This collaboration is unique, as developers from both Trifork and the region have physically worked together throughout the development process. 

This approach brought together Trifork’s expertise in critical public health IT and the region’s knowledge within the specific prehospital healthcare domain, creating a joint development project that fostered mutual inspiration and learning. It ensured that the Central Denmark Region could configure and adapt the solution independently afterward. 

According to Jørgen Gustafsson from the prehospital service in the Central Denmark Region, this development method created a special momentum and required precisely the right competencies from both parties. 

A Swiftly Delivered Solution with Immediate Impact

“What we have created in a short time has really added value,” Jørgen explains. 

The development project started on December 1, 2021, and by mid-January, the solution was implemented because it was already providing value for operations managers and the AMK emergency control center. 

The ability to quickly access data from other systems was key to this rapid development. APIs and other resources were available, allowing developers to work with live data from the very first day of development. 

“From this project, one can learn the importance of having the right data from the start. The real data.” 

The solution is implemented gradually as it is developed. This means that the business (the prehospital service) has had the opportunity to provide ongoing feedback throughout the process, adding significant value to the development process and strengthening the close collaboration.

“It creates a huge synergy that we sit physically opposite each other, can share knowledge, and draw on each other’s experience. We can test new ideas and methods, which are truly unique. Trifork is modern and has many different angles, and it’s important and inspiring that there are people who are not afraid to try something new.”

Jørgen Gustafsson

Tech Lead, Central Denmark Region

A Platform That Makes a Difference

The final rollout of the completed platform was smooth and efficient as the solution is so intuitive that users could use it without training. The solution quickly created value by improving communication and efficiency within the prehospital service. The platform supports a range of workflows, including reporting malfunctions of ambulances, follow-ups, an overview of vehicle operational status, expense management, and much more. 

“It’s more fun to create something that’s really needed – and where you can see that exactly what you’ve made in a few months is what users say ‘hits the spot’,” says Jørgen. 

Throughout the project, there was an urgency in the need, but also a technical understanding from the management at the prehospital service in the Central Denmark Region, quickly becoming the guiding principle that allowed for the rapid development of the first version. 

Creating a value-adding solution for an organization that acts as a safety net for 1.3 million citizens in their time of acute need is meaningful.

“What drives me is creating solutions that solve real problems out in the world. It has been incredibly rewarding to have such close cooperation with the Central Denmark Region.” 

Mads Poder Petersen

Tech Lead from Trifork

Quick Overview

The Prehospital Service

Treats over 150,000 citizens annually and transports 400,000 seated patients to hospital visits.

Operational Platform

Delivered by Trifork, enabling communication across all units in the Central Denmark Region’s prehospital service.


Close connection between Trifork and the prehospital service has created a unique development process.


The platform offers vehicle malfunction reporting, and much more, to improve efficiency and communication.


A tool for 800 employees, acting as a safety net for 1.3 million citizens in their time of acute need.


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