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Building a next-generation digital strategy

Evida is the Danish national gas distribution company. They design, manage, operate and maintain the gas distribution network as part of Denmark’s critical infrastructure. Evida transports gas and biogas the majority of Danish households and companies. Part of these tasks includes technical security control of their customer gas installations, repair and maintenance of these installations, as well as installing new gas installations suited for biogas or other more cost-efficient installations.

Evida needed a new digital strategy. They were aware that several of their manual processes could be digitalised, resulting in significant cost-saving and quality enhancing measures. They were looking for a partner who could help develop a concrete strategy with tangible projects. Evida was recommended to contact Trifork from another company within the energy industry that Trifork has previously worked with.

Digitalising old manual processes to improve efficiency

A core part of Trifork’s approach to working with customers includes a framework called: Inspire-Build-Run, in which Trifork has three different roles. First, an inspirational strategic partner who helps challenge the customer and inspire with the latest technologies. Second, we help our customers build their desired solution, and thirdly we also maintain and update the solution.

Initially, a range of design sprints was set up as a critical part of our ‘inspire’ approach. These resulted in various opportunity spaces where digital transformation could elevate Evida’s service level and cost optimisation options. As a result, Evida & Trifork established that an ideal way to achieve this would be by empowering their service technicians and supporting their warehouse staff. Starting by automating several tasks as well as reporting in internal systems easier. This would allow them to service more their customers faster and more efficiently and ensure that all services were more standardised to provide a higher level of quality.  In addition, technicians could also use the digitalising of processes to collect data which would make security measures of the installations easier and significantly more accurate.

Empowering service technicians through state-of-the-art mobility application

EMMA, also known as Evida Mobility Manager Application, allow technicians to do measurements, replacements, and setup or takedowns of gas measurement systems in private households and companies. Previously all of this was noted and reported in an unintuitive ERP system through a web browser, with an additional requirement of sending multiple emails across the organisation to ensure and double-check that all tasks were completed.

The EMMA structures all these tasks in a simple flow which ensures that nothing is forgotten, reducing the average length of a work order from 30-35 minutes to 3-5 minutes. With 7.000 takedowns of measurement relays, this time quickly adds to immense savings.

The solution also supports warehouse workers who handle the stock keeping of the measurement systems, which have been replaced by non-Evida professionals. They hand over the measurement unit, and the solution automatically checks that the latest measurement is identical to the current. Before, this was a manual process of having to look it up in the ERP system, verify that the measurement of it was correct and remove it from the system.

“It is a pleasure to be parter in the journey all the way from development of a digital strategy to implementing the individual strategic digital initiatives and see them go into in production.”

Jens Peter Hedegaard

VP, Trifork

Solidifying a digital strategy foundation for the future

As a result, Evida started its digital transformation journey together with Trifork. By inspiring the customer through Design Thinking and creating an actionable digital strategy with several projects for Evida’s digital transformation, which action plan could implement and move forward with. In addition, agile software development was used to deliver the project as fast as possible. Evida uses iPad for all their technicians, but the solution is built to function cross-platform, allowing it to be published on other platforms.

The Evida Mobility Manager Application is the first of five opportunity spaces outlined for the digital strategy Trifork helped develop. The solution has helped Evida save time and reduce costs for their customers’ primary services. With a reasonably short time to market of less than six months. Trifork and Evida are continuing their collaboration with ongoing projects as part of the opportunity spaces identified.

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