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The desire to stand out as a premium carrier

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is Switzerland’s largest air carrier. With one of Europe’s most advanced and carbon-efficient aircraft fleets, SWISS is a premium airline that provides direct flights from Zurich and Geneva to keep Switzerland connected with Europe and the world. Its Swiss WorldCargo division offers an extensive range of airport-to-airport airfreight services for high-value, time-critical and care-intensive consignments.

As The Airline of Switzerland, SWISS embodies its home country’s traditional values and is dedicated to delivering the highest product and service quality.

The company has also committed to the ambitious climate goals of halving its 2019 net carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and making its operations entirely carbon-neutral by 2050, particularly by promoting the use of sustainable aviation fuels. SWISS is part of the Lufthansa Group and is also a member of Star Alliance, the world’s biggest airline network.

SWISS & and the Trifork company Vilea has had a close partnership for more than a decade, during which Vilea has supported SWISS in the core phases of the airline’s digital transformation.

In need of a service module

Two years ago, SWISS needed a new service module, which should support the cabin crew and collect data on how to improve flights. By equipping the cabin crew with digital devices, SWISS could make a labor-intensive task much more efficient.

Previously cabin crew would go through business class and ask every passenger what they would prefer to have for dinner; a problem arose when not enough meals of a specific variant were packed. For example, if all 60 passengers in business class would order the same dish of the three options available, SWISS would need more of the same variant for every passenger, and they would have a lot of excess food, which would be wasted. Leaving both some passengers unsatisfied that they were unable to get their preferred meal as well as the wasted expenses tied to the wasted food.

Leveraging insights and analytics for customer excellence

The Service App allows the cabin crew to access passenger information, such as language, drink and meal preferences, before departure. Whether the passenger prefers to sleep, they can select when they would like their meal, drink, and dietary preferences are also available. As well as a real-time overview of the food and beverages in stock on the plane at all times.

Furthermore, the tool gathers and stores this data providing key cost-saving insights to SWISS. These insights and statistics are used to better and more accurately predict how much and which types of food should be brought to various destinations. For example, the data might show that a more considerable degree of passengers flying to San Francisco. This is cost-saving for SWISS and a more sustainable initiative that helps prevent food waste.


“ Vilea is a very important partner for us as they understand the aviation industry, our business, challenges and opportunities. They deliver solid quality at a high pace. We really appreciate their pragmatic mindset which fits perfectly in our way of working.”

Thomas Schläpfer

Product Owner Flight Ops Technology & Digitalization, Swiss International Airlines

From information platform to interactive tool

During the pandemic, the app was primarily used as an information platform, but there are plans for a much more interactive tool for all stakeholders in the future. 2023 will bring new implementations and transform. The roadmap features plans to implement 4.500 new iPads with e-sim cards to improve connectivity as possibilities to interact with the tool. This will include detailed in-flight information about connecting flights. This means cabin crew can inform passengers if their connecting flight has been delayed or cancelled and that a hotel has been arranged for the passenger.

Additional services for premium customers are in the roadmap for 2023. One of them is a seamless guest experience, a track which follows the customer from when they check-in in Zurich to their arrival at the destination. The track is supposed to provide information on the customers’ preferences, such as drink preferences in the lounge given to the cabin crew, for a more personalized experience.

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