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The Search for Reliable Information in Parenthood

In the journey of pregnancy and early parenting, the search for trustworthy information is crucial. This search is often marked by a sea of uncertainty and a plethora of questions, making it imperative to have a reliable source of information to support individuals and couples during this important stage of life. 

Recognising this need, the Danish Health Data Authority, in collaboration with various Danish health authorities embarked on an innovative journey – with Trifork Digital Health and Duckwise (also part of the #TriforkFamily) as developing partner. 

A Comprehensive Digital Assistant for Parents

The need for a centralized, credible platform for pregnancy-related information was identified as a critical requirement for future parents. This need stemmed from the realization that prospective parents often feel overwhelmed with scattered and sometimes unreliable sources of information, which can add to the anxiety and confusion of parenthood. 

“My Pregnancy” App

Responding to this need, a collaborative effort involving various Danish health authorities led to the creation of the “My Pregnancy” app.  

All information in “My Pregnancy” is professionally validated, crafted in collaboration with the Committee for Health Education, the Danish Health Authority, and the Danish Association of Midwives, ensuring users receive advice that reflects the reliable information from the healthcare authorities. 

This digital solution is designed as an all-encompassing guide for individuals and couples navigating the intricate journey of pregnancy and early parenthood. It stands as a pillarof comprehensive, user-friendly, and professional healthcare advice. 


Features of the App

The app features a range of features aimed at personalising the pregnancy experience:  

  • Personalized Journey: Users can enter their due date to receive weekly updates and advice tailored to their stage of pregnancy. 
  • Healthcare Overview: The app allows for easy tracking of medical appointments and healthcare services, extending up to eight weeks post-childbirth. 
  • Educational Content: Over 400 articles and videos cover a wide array of topics related to pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care. 
  • Customizable Checklists: These include preparations for essential items like the ‘birth bag’ and baby clothing. 

Enhancing the Digital Pregnancy Experience

Looking ahead to 2025, the “My Pregnancy” app is primed to evolve further. A significant future enhancement includes the introduction of a digital journal feature. This innovation aims to replace paper journals, thereby streamlining communication between healthcare professionals and expectant individuals, enhancing the overall pregnancy experience. 

In conclusion, the ‘My Pregnancy’ app stands as a testament to the power of digital innovation in transforming the journey of parenthood. It not only provides a centralized platform for reliable information but also personalizes the experience, making it a valuable companion for parents-to-be. As we circle back to the introductory notion of the need for professional assistance in pregnancy and early parenting, it becomes clear that this app is not just a tool but a trusted partner in the beautiful yet complex journey of bringing new life into the world. 

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