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A need for a unified compliant communication platform

More than 2 million Danes hold a private healthcare insurance. For the vast majority (97%), this is provided by their employer as an employment benefit. In total 900.000 injury courses within private healthcare (private hospitals, chiropractic, physical therapy and psychology) in Denmark are processed every year. As such, many insurance claims are handled daily between private healthcare providers and insurance companies.


The private healthcare and insurance industry hold a lot of different players, to a large extent using their own IT systems and case handling solutions, which has led to a fragmented IT landscape. As a result, the industry is troubled by time-consuming processes , a high risk of manual errors, and the communication between the parties is not optimal using various systems to register, refer and track insurance cases and injuries. This all leads to a longer treatment course of their patients.

With this in mind, Trifork and Sundhed Danmark founded the company Booking Platform together to solve this. Sundhed Danmark is the collective voice for private hospitals and clinics in Denmark.

More time for customer service and care

The ambition of the platform is to become the preferred self-service platform for easy, secure and efficient communication and booking of private healthcare services.


Initially, market validation was done to clarify, if there was a need in the market and how this need would be fulfilled effectively. The solution’s core focus was user-driven development from the beginning. In close collaboration with healthcare providers and insurance companies, a Minimum Viable Product was tested to scope the solution right and to release a product fast that created value for users from the start.


As both types of customers work with sensitive personal data, the need for the platform to be secure and GDPR compliant was essential to ensure that their daily operations were not affected. A self-service platform with standardized processes and communication between all parties. With easy communication and exchange of data, allowing for more time for customer service.

Streamlining the patient journey while reducing cost

Bookingplatform’s solution, called “Sundhedspartneren”, is a booking and communications platform that offers a scalable solution and standardises several processes, such as the taxonomy, the payment guarantee and request, insurance claims and consent agreements. In addition, the solution allows for chat and notification between the two parties securing and streamlining communication.

The case managers in the insurance company and the healthcare company can work in their current systems and get access to all documentation and communication based on the API-enabled integrations between Sundhedspartneren and the electronic patient journal systems and injury systems. No need to learn a new user interface, little training of their work staff, and secure data transfer between the parties.

The solution provides additional empowerment to the patient by allowing them to book their own appointments. Bringing the customer (patient) closer and offering a treatment course based on their schedule and needs.

The companies involved experience cost reductions from the platform. The time spent on administrative tasks has also significantly decreased, and patients experience shorter waiting time, they can choose an appointment that suits them and get a faster treatment.

” The platform helps our customers and us with health care insurance with a simpler, compliant and efficient communication with providers and private hospitals. In addition to a simpler and more smooth treatment process for our customers and us. Finally, and most essential to us is that the data security is top quality”

Thomas Skrostrup

Insurance director, Danica

Enhancing the service offerings and focus on international growth

Sundhedspartneren was launched in Denmark in 2021 and is currently used by two of the largest insurance companies, Danica (owned by Danske Bank) and PFA, together with 20+ healthcare providers such as Aleris (owned by Triton) and Capio (owned by Ramsey Health Care).

The company has created a scaleable platform, where new service offerings and languages can easily be added to the solution. Bookingplatform is currently expanding its reach via integrations with new patient journal systems and by adding other healthcare services.

Bookingplatform plans to utilize the solid foundation they have built to create a unified platform for the majority of insurance companies and healthcare providers across Northern Europe. The purpose is to create a new unified standard in the market. Bookingplatform is currently in dialogue with potential customers in other European countries. With overwhelmingly positive interests across the engaged parties, the company is looking to launch the platform into new geographic locations in the near future.

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