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Questionnaire Solution for Quality of Care

RKKP (Regionernes Kliniske Kvalitetsudviklingsprogram) is a Danish, public, cross-regional network organization which is built around the approved clinical quality databases. Data is the entire basis for RKKP to increase quality for patients in the healthcare system. They get most of the data from registers such as the National Patient Register, and additionally 24 databases in RKKP also receive data reported specifically for them, such as patients’ illnesses and processes in the healthcare system. 

This data-driven approach can measure the efforts and results of the health benefits and services of the healthcare system and in the end, improve the health and quality of life of the population. 

The information comes from approx. 20 existing data sources or, if necessary, entered directly into the database from the clinic. Regional councils, municipal councils, private individuals, and institutions that run hospitals, etc., have a duty to regularly report information to the databases approved by the Danish Health Data Authority. 

RKKP already had an existing questionnaire solution that will be phased out by the end of 2022. Therefore, they needed a new solution and decided to collaborate with Trifork to develop a modernized Quality Reporting Platform. 

An Intuitive and Modern Quality Reporting Platform

RKKP wanted an intuitive and modern solution for handling medical practitioner-reported data. 

For this, we developed a Quality Reporting Platform, and this new data system secures important data for RKKP. The solution was required to prefill questionnaires with all available information while using modern and defined standards for describing diagnosis, medicine, and generally available and relevant patient information. 

With the engagement of RKKP, Trifork Digital Health is entering a new and important business area of Data Driven Quality Reporting Systems, utilising Trifork’s long experience as a strategic partner combining our user-centric approach with technology innovation. 

“This new reporting system can effectively support automatic reporting; this means that we can avoid double entry. It will simply be easier to report data to us via the new system.”

Michael Dyhr Thomsen

Head of Digitization & informatics at RKKP

Futureproof Solution by being at the Forefront of Technology

Trifork has successfully transformed RKKP’s quality reporting platform from a traditional data model to the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) model, which exemplifies the next era of healthcare data in Denmark and in the modern, data-driven world. We have also successfully inspired them in container-based architecture, and the platform is both futureproof and easier to manage for the customer and is also more more cost-efficient. As a NextGen IT-company, we are at the forefront of new technologies and have used FHIR Modelling, Angular, Kubernetes, .Net Core, among others. 

More Effective and Better Understood Healthcare System

Within a couple of months, RKKP was able to utilize the platform we developed together and initiated a shift away from their 20-year-old solution. As we normally do, we approached the project with an agile mindset and framework, which enabled us to focus on the most important parts first, which ensured we delivered value to our customer from day one. 

RKKP achieved a more effective data collecting process, leading to a more effective and better understood Danish healthcare system. 


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