Accelerating cross sectoral data sharing



Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus



Sharing patient data across sectors

Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus (SDCA) is known for their vision to increase life expectancy and quality of life for all persons with diabetes in Central Denmark Region as well as to curb the growth of new cases of diabetes in Central Denmark Region.

One of the challenges associated with this is the difficulty in transferring patient data across the many different players in the healthcare sector who are influenced by different goals and agendas. So, part of being able to achieve their vision was to ensure that patient data could be shared across sectors, thereby also promoting intersectoral collaboration.

A solution that provides value to its users

A widespread problem in IT projects is that solutions are often thought to be too large and complex to start with, and thus, end up exceeding both budget and time frame and, in the end, not creating value for the users. To avoid this, Steno wanted a partner who could help them move quickly from the idea phase to a feasible solution that would bring immediate value to their users.

Some of the key needs were:

  • Cross sectoral data sharing and merging from different stakeholders
  • Alignment and shared communication of the treatment and patient goals
  • Ability to give an overview of the data in an intuitive and user-friendly way

Always close to the users needs

The process started off with a Trifork Accelerate Design Thinking workshop. SDCA and the team from Trifork interviewed a wide range of users and key stakeholders, and thus, gained insights into what the main functionalities of an early MVP should be. MVP stands for ‘minimum viable product’, which is a version of a new product or concept that allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learnings about users in order to provide maximum value.

During the workshop, Trifork, and UX & design agency, Duckwise, inspired the SDCA team with insights on important design trends and principles as well as insights into the technical landscape with the key strategic partners.

During the workshop, the team always referred to the strategic focus points, to ensure that the solution could be a valuable contribution to the National Digital Health Strategy:

  • Better, faster and more secure digital communication across the sector
  • A complete overview of a patient’s case and treatment

Through effective idea generation and filtering, the team came up with a solution that met the following success criteria:

  • At least one possible concept that provides maximum value for users
  • Short time-to-market & early buy-in from stakeholders
  • National and holistic perspective

See what Annelli Sandbæk, Unit Head at SDCA, has to say about the Accelerate workshop & collaboration

Samblik (“shared view”) solution

At the end of the workshop week, the team presented a full Proof of Concept to the SDCA, with the aforementioned needs met. SDCA then proceeded to develop the Samblik (“shared view”) solution with Trifork.

Due to the close and flexible collaboration between Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus and Trifork, long-term, mutual trust was established with a shared focus on reducing cross sectoral barriers and the continuous communication and sharing of patient & treatment goals.


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