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Denmark is Making Healthcare More Accessible: Telma’s Journey

By implementing telemedicine, Denmark aims to make healthcare more efficient. Patients with conditions like COPD and heart failure can receive monitoring and care at home, reducing the need for frequent hospital visits and enabling healthcare providers to help more patients with fewer staff members. 

Telma, a national cross-sector telemedicine home monitoring solution, facilitates direct communication between healthcare professionals and patients, ensuring treatment uniformity regardless of location. 


Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency: Telma’s Impact

Telma offers many benefits, including early detection of health changes, preventing unnecessary hospital visits. It empowers healthcare providers to care for more patients with fewer staff members and encourages collaboration among different healthcare sectors, like municipalities and regions, making the entire process more efficient. Telma prioritizes patient needs and provides flexibility, security, and control in their treatment, resulting in accessible healthcare for everyone. 

It is not just a national solution; it is a transformative platform with an international perspective that transcends sectors and organizations, enabling the monitoring of countless citizens through centralized units.


Cross-Sector Monitoring and Direct Communication: Telma’s Technology

In a collaborative effort, Trifork and the customer developed Telma using an agile approach. Originally for COPD, Telma evolved into a comprehensive platform for chronic illnesses. 

To make Telma even more effective, we adopted a multi-vendor strategy with Trifork, Alexandra Instituttet, Duckwise and Testhuset. The last two also from the Trifork Family. Telma ensures seamless integration with Denmark’s public infrastructure (FUT-S) based on HL7 FHIR. Technical keywords include Kubernetes, React, Spring Boot, and native apps with Bluetooth integration for measuring devices

With a user-friendly web app for healthcare employees and a hybrid native app for patients, Telma seamlessly combines web and native features, such as video calls, bluetooth and device integration, to provide a convenient and accessible experience. 

Healthcare professionals can communicate directly with each other and with the patient. This means that important information can be shared in real-time, using Bluetooth technology to transmit vital data effortlessly. 

Telma is an example of collaboration, innovation, and commitment to empowering both healthcare professionals and patients, creating a connected and patient-centric healthcare ecosystem. 

Compliance and Standards

Trifork obtained the MDR QMS certification. MDR is Medical Device Regulations. QMS is Quality Management System. This certification demonstrates our commitment to compliance with the latest European regulations for medical devices and software, such as ISO 13485 certification and preparing for CE-marking under the EU Medical Device Regulation, demonstrating our commitment to quality and patient safety. 

With this certification, Trifork has taken steps to ensure that future projects can be certified utilizing patient safety and high quality software development frameworks while still supporting emersive technologies such as artificial intelligence based medical devices. 


Successful Collaboration, Agile Innovation, and Global Impact: Telma’s Prospects

The partnership between the customer, Trifork, Alexandra Instituttet, Duckwise and Testhuset brings great results, characterized by active engagement and shared responsibility in developing the solution. Telma’s performance will be evaluated based on previous pilot projects, exploring the potential for nationwide deployment and international reach, especially in areas with limited access to healthcare. 

This case highlights the importance of prioritizing the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and embracing agile principles in public IT projects. Using straightforward and efficient tools, fostering a culture that values input from all stakeholders, and involving customers transparently throughout the development process are crucial for success. 

Telma is a game-changer in healthcare, transforming the patient experience and improving care delivery. By prioritizing patient needs and leveraging technology, Telma makes healthcare smoother and more personalized. It makes communication easier and gives power to both healthcare professionals and patients.  

Through a fruitful partnership with Trifork, characterized by trust and transparent communication, we have developed Telma, a cutting-edge healthcare solution. Telma revolutionizes the collaboration between patients and healthcare professionals throughout Denmark’s healthcare sector. By placing the patient at the core of their own chronic disease management, Telma empowers individuals and fosters a close relationship between patients and healthcare providers across sectors. Moreover, this innovative solution enables healthcare professionals to allocate their time and resources more efficiently, allowing them to concentrate on addressing the genuine challenges at hand.

Rikke Saltoft Andersen

Head of Digitalisation, Health & Care, Copenhagen Municipality


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