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Inspiring Energinet with a user-centric approach

Energinet, an independent public company under the Ministry of Energy, Utilities, and Climate in Denmark, plays a critical role in owning and developing electricity and gas grids. Their unwavering mission is to seamlessly integrate renewable energy, fortify supply security, and foster equal market access. With an unwavering commitment, Energinet’s exceptional team of over 1,000 dedicated professionals, spanning across nine locations, spearheads the charge in propelling sustainable transformation within the energy sector. 

Recognizing the need to adopt a user-centric approach and inspire their teams, Energinet engaged Trifork’s expertise. Initially, Trifork was tasked with guiding Energinet’s product owners in embracing design thinking principles and emphasizing the importance of human-centric design for their UX/UI. The success of this collaboration led to Trifork’s involvement in helping Energinet with the ongoing delivery of the control centre module. 

From innovative design thinking to full-scale delivery

The role of Energinet as System Operator in the Control Center ensures the reliable operation of the power systems, managing the critical, changing infrastructure, and making necessary adjustments to balance power supply and demand. By developing and operating the digital markets platform, Energinet enables plant owners and other operators of flexible power units to participate in the market-based balancing. The Control Center module serves as a vital tool in managing this delicate balancing act, which proves even more complex when transitioning from the old system to the new platform. 

What started as a small course on design thinking and user-centric development, led to immersive workshops with the goal of understanding the specific needs and behaviours of the Control Center personnel. Leveraging the power of design thinking, Trifork’s process consultants and UX/UI designers diligently analysed, designed, developed, and tested user interfaces.

” This remarkable IT undertaking marks one of Energinet’s most significant projects, and Trifork has proven to be an invaluable partner throughout this transformative process. While many can provide software developers and designers, only a few possess the unique capability of empowering an organisation, enabling them to achieve their goals independently, while still delivering exceptional solutions.”

Morten Birkholm

Senior Manager, Product Management

Through close collaboration with Energinet’s product owners, they prioritized the most crucial requirements and adopted a Minimum Viable Product approach to ensure rapid progress. Drawing from our expertise in the utility sector as well as in our experience collaborating with other Danish utility companies, Trifork provided valuable insights, implementation guidance, and training. 

As the project and scope expanded, Trifork seamlessly provided the necessary expertise in frontend development, design processes, user experience and interface, and testing to meet Energinet’s evolving requirements. 

Setting Energinet up for future success

While the solution is under continuous delivery, Trifork and Energinet are confident that they have laid a solid foundation for future success. The project witnessed four highly successful go-lives within a few months, with the first being the largest IT launch in Energinet’s history. Overcoming significant challenges, the team achieved a remarkable feat: seamlessly transitioning to a new version of the solution with zero downtime. This accomplishment is a testament to the collaboration, resilience, and expertise of the teams involved. 

Recognizing the critical role of designers in project success, Trifork has nurtured Energinet’s maturation in this area, empowering them to deliver exceptional results through their continued understanding of user-centric development and cross-functional teams. 

Upon embarking on this transformative journey, Trifork has empowered Energinet to take ownership of the agile process, fostering independence and self-sufficiency while continuously developing and delivering a cutting-edge solution. In this dual role, we are propelling Energinet forward, while simultaneously ensuring seamless delivery of our commitments. 

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