Trifork sets the bar with an IoT platform for e-bikes from Royal Dutch Gazelle



Royal Dutch Gazelle



Nothing rides like a Gazelle: a worry-free e-bike experience with a smart Internet of Things platform


More than 125 years of bicycle innovation

In the Netherlands, the bicycle reigns supreme. With more bikes per capita than any other country[1], the Netherlands has a first-rate infrastructure geared up for cycling. And it has a bicycle manufacturer to match.

Royal Dutch Gazelle has been making bicycles in Dieren, Gelderland, in the Netherlands for more than 125 years. In that time, the shape and style of the bicycles may have changed but Gazelle’s commitment to the highest quality standards has not.

Today, Gazelle’s bicycles are not only durable, stylish, and comfortable; they are innovative too. As such, the company’s Smart Bicycle Platform delivers a carefree cycling experience for consumer and business users alike.

New propositions with cutting-edge technologies

As a strategic partner, Trifork works alongside Gazelle to deliver new propositions with cutting-edge technologies Together with Gazelle, we employ smart capabilities to tackle the needs and wants of both B2B and B2C customers.

For consumers, we provide peace of mind by supporting theft prevention, removing range anxiety, and developing crash detection capabilities. Both theft numbers and insurance rates are extremely high for e-bikes, but collaboratively we reduce these figures through the Smart Bicycle Platform. For businesses, the platform provides smart and efficient mobility fleets. This reduces the need for delivery cars in busy city centres and make the last-green-mile a reality for food and package delivery services alike.

This is only the beginning. The Smart Bicycle Platform has even more advanced capabilities. These go beyond the bicycle itself and directly integrate with smart city and smart infrastructure initiatives through Vehicle to Everything (V2X) connectivity.

The road to rapidly delivering value and long-term ambitions

The foundation of the proposition is the Internet of Things (IoT) platform that Trifork has developed for Gazelle. This hardware agnostic platform, underpinned by an event-driven cloud infrastructure, offers Gazelle great flexibility. Not only does this enable them to support different product life-cycles, it also provides flexibility towards future hardware suppliers.

Our service design approach helps customers like Gazelle answer critical business challenges quickly. This way we collaboratively explore business propositions, revenue models and address operational risks. This safeguards business continuity and answers the real needs of Gazelle’s target audiences.

Trifork’s strength is making the discovered proposition a reality. Through agile development methods we help customers like Gazelle to rapidly deliver value and realise long-term ambitions. Our expert teams guide customers, collaborate with partners, and focus on what it is all about: business value.

“Gazelle is on a mission to motivate people to cover as many miles as possible in the saddle. Trifork has been an inspiring and involved partner in helping us further achieve this mission by building a state-of-the-art platform and helping us create an innovative and improved customer experience.”

Rineke Berkelder

Product Manager Digital Services, Royal Dutch Gazelle

One of the most successful anti-theft e-bike solutions

The Smart Bicycle Platform is about providing value – for consumers, businesses, and public-sector bodies. We are proud to support one of the most successful anti-theft e-bike solutions and the most feature-rich bicycle in the Netherlands. What’s more, the platform also helps creating new propositions that improve road safety, streamline traffic flows, and enhance ride quality.

Ever since its foundation in 1892, Gazelle has been at the forefront of bicycle innovation. That drive to innovation is ever present in the core of the brand and its employees. The opportunities that are provided by the Smart Bicycle Platform is its new frontier.


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