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Forefront of digitization

Denmark is one of the most digitalized countries in the world with a solid IT infrastructure, and this has contributed to getting the nation through the corona crisis fairly gently. With the development of several solutions, Trifork has supported Denmark’s digital lead since the country closed down in the spring of 2020.

The existing My Doctor App became a central tool for both citizens and GPs, and now has more than 2 million downloads. Virtual waiting rooms and video consultations were urgently developed and rolled out within weeks. On the whole, there has been enormous support and goodwill for the development and cooperation across public and private sectors.

The municipalities quickly saw the possibilities in video consultations, therefore the Contact Doctor App was also developed in the spring of 2020, so that citizens without NemID (secure digital login) could also get in virtual contact with their doctors, with the help of staff. In addition, Trifork was responsible for handling sensitive personal data regarding Covid-19 test results in the Danish Infection App .

”The Danish Healthcare system is recognized as one of the leading European countries in terms of digitization. This has been invaluable to Denmark throughout the pandemic.”

Lisbeth Nielsen

Director, Danish Health Data Authority

Tests and vaccines

In addition to developing systems that ensure access to data from all corners of the Danish healthcare system, Trifork has been involved in the development of several solutions that play a significant role in both the test and vaccination system. Of all EU countries, Denmark was the fastest in getting citizens vaccinated, in relation to population size* . This is also due to Denmark’s digital lead.

Unlike many other EU countries, Denmark already had a vaccination register and it did not have to be developed first. As a supplier of the Danish Vaccination Register (DDV), where the Danish Health Data Authority is the system owner and the Danish Institute for Infectious Disease (SSI – Statens Seruminstitut) is the data owner, Trifork played an important role in connection with the entire Covid-19 vaccination roll out effort.

In close collaboration with the Danish Health Data Authority and SSI in November 2020, Trifork further developed the Vaccination Register. Trifork is responsible for the technical support of establishing vaccination plans for those next on the Danish Health Data Authority’s vaccination list, whereby invitations to citizens are sent out via e-Boks (Danish Secure Digital Post) or by physical letter.


A reporting module has also been developed in which vaccinators register the vaccinations submitted. This module was also developed in a short time and was launched on Christmas Eve 2020. Over Christmas, the first nursing home residents in Denmark were vaccinated and the systems stood the test of time. There is ongoing monitoring of capacity so that the expectation of up to 400,000 vaccinations daily can be handled. Both operational monitoring and support around the systems are also performed by Trifork.

In the wake of the vaccines, there is a great need to document the vaccination status, in order for society to safely reopen. Trifork has therefore developed the integration between DDV and (the Danish Health Portal), so that citizens can download and print a Vaccination Passport.

It has proven invaluable that the Danish healthcare system is digitized at a completely different level than many other countries, but also that Denmark has an efficient and experienced public sector that will continue to deliver solutions at a high standard.


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