WeShare – MobilePay’s little sister






Expanding the success

Danske Bank launched WeShare in 2016, to enable users to share expenses and communicate with their friends.

Due to the success of MobilePay, Danske Bank wanted to expand the mobile payment landscape and asked Trifork to be a partner in the creation of WeShare.

WeShare, with MobilePay integration, is available in Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Sharing expenses

Rather than having spreadsheets, paper receipts, Facebook groups and reminders popping up,  the idea was to have one place where users can share expenses and communicate with groups of friends about it.

Designing an app and implementing business and database logic

In the concept development, it was important to develop an intuitive concept, that makes sharing expenses as easy as sending a text message.

Trifork’s role in the process was focused on native app development for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone as well as implementing business and database logic in a .NET backend.

The backend encapsulates all the complexity needed to keep track of your friends, combined expenses, settlements and messages & pictures. It was important to build a highly secure platform, where scalability had the highest priority.

Share expenses, send pictures and chat in the same app.

WeShare is an app that makes it easy to keep track of outlays when a group of friends need to go on a trip, party, activity, etc. You can share expenses, send pictures and chat in the same app.

With the WeShare app, you just create an event and invite the desired participants. The participants in the group can both plan and keep track of joint expenses.

Stacks – the WeShare chat bot – always keeps track of your shared expenses. You always have an updated and precise overview of a group’s shared expenses and every team member can decide to settle up (pay their debts), when they want. This is done directly in WeShare using MobilePay. Stacks does all the math and ensures that you only have to transfer one single amount. WeShare automatically distributes your money to the right team members directly into their bank accounts.

The app is responsive, visually appealing, easy to use and still contains the flexibility you need when sharing expenses.


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