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Reopening with Digital Corona Passport

After lockdown comes reopening. But how is this handled safely and respon- sibly, while being effective for citizens, healthcare professionals, culture and business?

The digital Corona Passport became the solution in Denmark. It was developed by the Danish Health Data Authority, Statens Serum Institut (a governmental public health and research institution under the Danish Ministry of Health), the Danish Agency for Digitisation (under the Ministry of Finance) and the Ministry of Health, Danish business and cultural life, in collaboration with the two selected suppliers Trifork and Netcompany. Trifork has been responsible for handling the highly sensitive personal data, as well as developing the underlying digital health infrastructure, such as information about Covid-19 vaccinations and test results, which form the basis for the Danish Corona Passport, while Netcompany has developed the app itself.

Maintaining Epidemic Control

In Denmark, the Corona Passport was the focal point of the entire reopen-
ing plan and it was essential to have a solution quickly that was not only a travel passport, but also for restaurants, gyms, concerts, hairdressers and everything in between. A responsible and suitable re- opening of Denmark, where it was politi- cally decided to introduce requirements for the Corona Passport that could help maintain epidemic control in Denmark.

Work is being done in the EU to ensure mutual recognition of the national Corona Passport solutions – without the citizens’ health data being stored central- ly. Consequently, the solution should also live up to the requirements set in the EU.

“The high degree of digitalisation in the Danish healthcare systems has made the development of the Corona Passport possible in an incredibly short span of time. We have been very pleased with the collaboration, both on the specific task and on the many other solutions that form the basis of the Corona Passport and which Trifork has helped us to develop and establish over time, including the Danish Vaccination Register (DDV) and Shared Medication Record (FMK).”

Lisbeth Nielsen

Director of the Danish Health Data Authority

Protecting the Critical Healthcare System

Trifork has been involved from the very beginning of the development, as we already operate the Danish Vaccination Register (DDV), which is used in the Corona Passport. We have also been a member of WHO’s international expert group, who had to define the standards for an international Corona Passport.

The Corona Passport solution is based on already existing solutions within digital health, including the National Service Platform (NSP), the Danish Vaccination Register (DDV) and the Danish Micro- biology Database (MiBa). The primary purpose has been to create a strong architecture that protects the extreme- ly critical healthcare systems from the large amount of traffic that the Corona Passport will bring and which these exist- ing systems are not necessarily designed to handle.

Together with data from the vaccination register and the database with test results, a backend provides data for the app, which forms a signed QR code, that can then be used to check a person’s status without having to provide sensitive personal data and information.

The solution meets local Danish needs and supports citizens in being able to travel between EU countries in accordance with the requirements of the regulation.

A Team of Teams

The Trifork Group – Business Areas

Several Trifork family members have been involved and we have really ac- tivated all competencies. It shows with great clarity that we are strong together and that our family has a wide range

of talents and competencies. We are a team of teams. Trifork, Netic, Nine and Testhuset have been responsible for the backend of the Corona Passport with the entire handling of personal data, security, vaccinations, test results, signing with QR codes, NemID login, among other things.

The solution is used daily by Danes who are now back in the restaurants, in the gym, at the airport and enjoying that everyday life seems fairly normal again