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The paper-version prenatal record in the golden envelope

Until now, pregnant women in Denmark have been given a golden envelope at their first prenatal consultation. The envelope contained a paper version of a prenatal record used to ensure that data and information was shared across sectors and between all the health professionals involved in the prenatal care and delivery.

This group of health professionals included the GP, the midwife, the hospital and the municipal healthcare. The pregnant woman was responsible for bringing with her the prenatal records, every time she had a consultation with her GP, midwife and hospital, through all stages of her pregnancy to the moment of delivery.

Facilitating data sharing, communication and involvement

Today, most referrals in the Danish healthcare sector are sent electronically. Problems occur because the health professionals often use their own electronic records as well as the prenatal record in the golden envelope. Consequently, they have to fill in information twice, and sometimes information is lost in the process.

Pregnant women might also forget to bring their envelope, or it eventually becomes that damaged by wear it can be difficult to decipher the information. In the future, both the prenatal record and the medical record will be replaced by one digital solution in three modules that facilitates the sharing of data across sectors. This will simplify and improve communication between the pregnant woman and all relevant parties throughout her entire pregnancy.

Three-module solution

The digital solution consists of three modules:

  • National Services – The Shared Pregnancy Portfolio
  • Web solution for healthcare professionals – The Pregnancy Portal
  • App for the pregnant women – My Pregnancy

The core of the solution is the Shared Pregnancy Portfolio, which ensures that all parties involved in the course of the pregnancy can access the data that was previously entered manually in the paper version of the prenatal record.

The healthcare professionals involved can enter information into the Shared Pregnancy Portfolio via the Pregnancy Portal or access this directly from their own clinical domain systems after a local implementation.

The pregnant woman gets access to her own data from the pregnancy folder and information about the course of the pregnancy via the My Pregnancy app that gives a comprehensive overview of all the information needed.

“In collaboration with Danish Health Data Authority, Trifork carried out a professional agile development process, where the development team ensured that we came through safely and successfully. The pregnancy portal is a great product, that we look forward to being tested by the clinics in 2022.”

Ida Bachmann Anthony

IT project manager, Danish Health Data Authority

Cross-sectoral collaboration with the citizen as the focal point

The purpose of this solution was to develop an app for pregnant women, a web solution for the healthcare professionals and a backend solution for data storage and integration, thereby transforming the prenatal record from paper to digital form. We find this type of cross-sectoral user centric collaboration very exciting, new and innovative.

The citizen is a very important part of this type of digital health projects. They get an individual overview of their own course of pregnancy, simply because all the parties involved, right from hospitals and midwives to GPs, enter information and data into the same system. The easy access to personal and relevant data enables citizen empowerment and guarantees the pregnant woman a safe course of pregnancy.

The collaboration with the Danish Health Data Authority is characterized by very agile problem solving and an effective clarification process. This has accelerated the development and ultimately ensured that we can test in clinics and with end-users in 2022 and make life easier for pregnant women and healthcare professionals in the future.

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