MobilePay is a mobile payment solution for person-to-person and person-to-business





In a high-speed agile development process Danske Bank and Trifork developed a market leading mobile payment solution, MobilePay, in only 6 months.

It is nevertheless a high profile project that delivers advanced, but easy to use mobile payment solutions for both person to person payments and for person to business payments

Project outline

In order to become more distinct in the Nordic market Danske Bank decided to go solo with a mobile payment solution, MobilePay which enabled them to launch a convenient solution fast and ahead of competition.

The MobilePay app allows you to send and receive money via iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. The service is open to Danske Bank and non-Danske Bank customers. The user transfers the money by selecting the mobile number of the person, who is to receive the money.

Danske Bank already offers state-of-the-art mobile banking services for its current customers and with MobilePay, which is accessible to everybody, the bank is reaching out to a much broader audience.

A huge success for Danske Bank

In May 2013 MobilePay was launched in Denmark. Only ten weeks after public launch the MobilePay solution was downloaded almost 300.000 times. Only weeks later the number of users fast forwarded to 600.000 active users. In November 2014 the solution had reached 1.8 million users – which means MobilePay is installed on every second smartphone in Denmark. This highly rated mobile solution was developed as a co-creation project between Danske Bank, Trifork and In2media. Trifork being responsible for the UI implementation of the Mobile Apps and the technical infrastructure used for secure transactions.

A simple and innovative mobile payment solution

With MobilePay we have succeeded in delivering a simple and innovative payment solution for consumers and merchants.

The MobilePay app is quickly approaching 2.000.000 million registered users and has evolved from a P2P app to a MobilePay ‘family’ with solutions for small businesses, online shopping and payment through third-party apps. Further, we have established co-operation with a number of large retailers to develop a solution also for a supermarket conditions.

As a bank we have a long tradition of investing in new digital solutions, and we are committed to developing MobilePay further. In this regard we will carefully nurture the customer reliance tradition that has been core to MobilePay from the outset. It is our vision to be the consumers’ trusted companion in their day-to-day spending and on the merchant side to offer merchants an improved payment platform along with enhanced consumer loyalty, insights and marketing”,
Mark Wraa-Hansen concludes.

CCO - FinTech

Peter Rørsgaard